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Surely Jason's eyes were mistaken because this couldn't be happening. First of all, how dare he just strut into Camp Half Blood like he owned the place? He'd been gone for almost three brutal years. Jason was already 20 years old, and Percy wasn't far behind him. But seriously, who in the gods' name did he think he was? He left without a trace. No farewells nor goodbye notes. Nothing. It tore the camp in half - it tore Jason in half. He couldn't think straight for months. He had no motive to do anything other than find Percy Jackson, which he failed to do for a year and a half. By year two, he had unwillingly given up. He finally accepted that Percy didn't want to come back home, and that broke the son of Zeus even more. That acceptance actually helped Jason move on though. He trained more and tried to forget about the stupid demigod.

But now? Now he couldn't focus on anything but that stupid demigod. Jason could see that he changed. Hades, they both did, but Percy's change was the most dramatic. Percy looked like one of the gods. His jet black hair looked like he had just gotten up from a nap, his sea green eyes looked like they've seen a million exhausting things, his forest green short-sleeved shirt showed off his lean and muscular arms, and (speaking of his arms) green and blue and black tattoos covered his arms like beautiful masterpieces. Percy just looked so much more different since Jason saw him last. Jason had to suck in the biggest breath of his life. Had his heart stopped momentarily or did it just skip a beat? Percy looked more mature, which was weird because, hello, this is Percy Jackson we are talking about. He's one of the goofiest demigods around (Other than Leo Valdez, of course).

Percy had definitely made a grand entrance since the whole camp was buzzing with word of Jackson's return. Jason was practicing sword fighting when he overheard a random camper saying Percy Jackson's name. He had dropped every and dashed up to where a huge crowd was as fast as Jason's feet would take him. Although Jason didn't walk all the way up to join the crowd, he stayed back a ways so he could be in hearing distance. He stood by a solo oak tree, leaning against it for support.

"Give Percy some space! Gods people! Back up, he can't breathe when all of you dirty little campers are in his personal space," Grover's voice was echoing with his usual amount of authority. Grover stood tall right beside Percy. The satyr was smiling proudly, his body language was full of confidence. Jason couldn't help but smile because he could tell that Grover was finally happy. Grover had actually left the camp after Percy left. He had ranted for hours about how nobody in this camp was actually trying to find Percy and that he would find Percy himself. So he had promptly packed his bag and went out in search of the son of Poseidon. Funny thing is that Grover was back in a year's time, and he had came back empty handed.

"It's all okay, Grover. It's nice to see some new and old, familiar faces," Percy laughed it off. Percy's eyes looked up from the suffocating crowd around him. As if sensing Jason's presence, Percy's eyes locked to the blonde's silhouette. Jason was staring right at Percy, but Percy just couldn't find it in himself to return the eye contact. Jason was still here? Why wasn't he at Camp Jupiter? Percy wasn't sure if he was ready to face him honestly. Jason didn't deserve to be left like that. Percy didn't know what to do now that reality was finally catching up to him. He thought he could do this; maybe he shouldn't have come back to this camp until later, like his father said in his dreams. This was all too much and he hadn't even been here for more than eight minutes.

"Hey, I need to, um, go talk to somebody. It was good to see all of you," Percy suddenly blurted out. He scratched the back of his neck and turned away from the crowd of demigods, walking at a moderate pace away from them. He wasn't walking towards Jason though. Percy was heading to the Athena cabin.


"Seaweed brain. I knew you'd be visiting soon enough," Annabeth all but squealed when she opened the door to Percy Jackson. She still had the same style as Percy remembered. Her blonde hair was still a mess with that memorable gray stripe in it, her skin was still as tan as ever, her camp shirt has seen better days, she still looked like she could kick anybody's butt in an argument, and her eyes were still as gray were and stormy as the clouds on a rainy day. Sure, she still took Percy's breathe away, but they were just best friends. They realized that they didn't work well together in a romantic relationship, but they worked perfectly with each other as friends. They were there for one another for advice and just for talking about their everyday problems. They were each other's best friends.

"Hey, wise girl. Yeah, sorry that I didn't keep in touch... It was kind of hard," Percy gave her a kind-hearted smile. Annabeth was the only one who knew about Percy's stupid plan to vanish off the face of the face of the earth. He made her swear on the river Styx to not tell a soul. Of course she was totally trustworthy, but Percy couldn't help but think she'd snitch to Jason where or why he was going.

"Percy," Annabeth kept her voice low and sincere. "I've really missed you." They stared at each other for a few seconds before Annabeth ran into Percy's open arms. They hugged for a minute, savoring the warmth between them.

"What is it?" Annabeth asked as she pulled herself away from her best friend's arms. A look of concern was stuck on her poor face. She could easily sense Percy's distressed state.

"Uhh.. I screwed up– fucked up, actually. It's Jason, Annie," Percy groaned and his hands went up to cover his face in shame. All Annabeth did was nod and waited for him to continue on.

"I shouldn't have left... Or I shouldn't have even came back. I don't know which. Seeing him now, Annie, is like when we held up the sky. It knocked the wind out of me when I saw him a couple minutes ago. Forget breathing, I couldn't do anything except stare at him. I've missed him like crazy."

"Percy, it's normal. You love him," Annabeth chided. The two demigods stared at one another, but this time Percy looked like he wanted to cry. Denial was already forming in Percy's mind. No, Percy and Jason were only friends with benefits at most. He didn't love Jason. Jason didn't love Percy. That's not even a possibility!

"Annie..." Percy's words echoed and then drifted off into the silence. "You know that's not true," he looked at her with wounded eyes.

"Percy? I know a lot of things. Athena herself knows I do... So believe me when I tell you this," Annabeth stared at the son of Poseidon with strong eyes. "You love Jason. You are mad at yourself for leaving because it wasn't your choice at all– it was Zeus'. You regret everything because you broke Jason's heart. You broke your own heart because of all of this."

Silence was making its way between Annabeth and Percy. Percy found it unwelcoming and very very uncomfortable. The silence, though he hated it, gave him time to think about how stupidly right Annabeth was.

"I'm the biggest asshole in the camp," Percy groaned loudly. How could he be so stupid? Why did he finally accept this because his best friend drilled it into his brain? Because he's Percy Jackson and she's Annabeth Chase, that's why.

"Go find it and talk to him. He's somewhere around here– probably hiding in his cabin after you stared him down," Annabeth kidded. "Explain everything carefully to him," Annabeth put her hand on Percy's wrist, trying to comfort him. He looked at her, contemplating his options.

"Wise girl..." Percy said, making up his mind. "You're the best. Thank you so much."

Annabeth smiled and shooed him away, leaning against her cabin to watch Percy walk away. Holy Hephaestus did she miss seeing that stupid demigod every day.


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