Chapter 6

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"Concentrate Nyx. Focus. Control the Dragon inside of you." Royce spoke softly. Here we are again outside in one of the training fields, attempting to train me in using my Dragon fire.

"If I can remember who I am, why can't I remember how to use my powers?" I whined.

"When you went into sleep stasis so did your Dragon, and I believe that your Dragon is still sleep. You need to awaken it. That will help you find the eggs."

"Why do the demons want them anyway?"

"Maybe for the power. Drogon egg holds the key to magic. Thats a lot of power. And control over one of the most powerful creatures on earth." We were walking along the forest trail now. "Theirs someone I want you to meet. He's a loyal friend and he's a required taste. Come" Royce led my up the house.

"You never did explain what happened this morning. My dream about Deacon." I said stopping and putting a hand on Royce chest so he would look at me. He sighed stepping around me. I shuffling back to get in front of him again. I held my hand up, shaking my head.

"Nah. Your not blocking me out on this."

"Fine. The beast was called a Painaja, Or Mare. Its a demon that can enter your dreams. They can make you see whatever they want and as you know, if you die in a dream you die in real life. Whatever you saw wasn't real, you in fact was laying in your bed. Those creatures are ancient, before either of us were born. " Royce told me.

"Oh. How did it find me? How did it get in?"

"Somehow someone dropped the protection wards around the house. We're looking into it now."

"Thats very reassuring." I laughed without humor. "So what are you? Sincere called you a Dud-"

"A Death Druid." He cut me off before I could further slaughter the name.

"A- what the hell is that?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Am half demon.-" Royce began

"What?" I shrieked in alarm taking a step back.

"I can't hurt you. I won't hurt you." He spoke up quickly. "Yes am part demon but the other part of me is human. My father was a demon also a Painaja and my mother a witch that practiced dark magic."

"Non of that sounds good." I said still cautious of him. "And a witch is not human." Looking around I mentally kicked myself, still surrounded by trees. Perfect for a demon feast.

"Actually a witch is a human with extraordinary powers. Who has a connection with the earth and moon. Some use light other dark. Whichever power you possess, its up to you how you utilize it." He smiled a little bit. "My mother wasn't a bad person and she wasn't a good one either. She would always tuck me in at night, look deep into my eye, to the point I thought she could see my soul.... and she would say

"There are things within us all, that can never be unleashed." His voiced pitched a little at the memory of his mom. Something inside stirred. I felt like I've heard this before. Something was very familiar about him. Even if I couldn't see his face.

"What was her name?" I asked.

" Colette."

"Thats beautiful." Royce cleared his throat.

"A Death Druid can kill beings by a look, and a touch. We can also kill people in their dreams."

"Like that demon that entered mine."

"Yes." He spoke in his usual emotionless voice.

"Have you ever been in my mind?"

"Sugarpop you'll know when I enter you." I narrowed my eyes at his comment. "When I come inside your mind." He tried again. I glared at him.

"Doesn't sound any better. "

"You'll know when I've been in your dreams. "

"Whatever, anyway do I have to meet this guy? Whats his name?"

"Yes you have to meet him. Nyx you've been here with us for seven weeks. Its time to stop locking yourself in that room and its differently time to stop crying and moping around about King Deacon. He's dead, get over it. Move on." He barked at me his mood changing drastically.

"Uh. That hurt more then I thought it would." I gave a faint smile. "How do you know if he's dead. I didn't see him die. Neither did you."

" I can sense a supernatural death, because of my bond with death itself. Deacon D'Auvergne is dead. Time to face the facts kekasih." He spoke walking up the front steps and into the McTavish house. Kekasih, kekasih. I repeated in my head. Why did that sound familiar to me.

"Lover?" I asked and he just nodded his head, hat bobbin and all. Why did he call me lover. Royce lead me to the kitchen where my nose picked up on the smell of bacon and tomatoes. God is it what I think it is. On the marble island was a plate with a BLT sitting unattended and it was mine now. I glanced at Royce and he shrugged, with two open hands I scoped up the sandwich and took a bite in one single motion.

"What the hell. Thats my sammich." A voice called out. God this voice was angelic. Spinning around I smiled at the person now in front of me, while chomping down another bite. I hadn't ate since my incident these morning.

"Its a very good sand- which." I said between bites and gasp for air.

"Royce do something. No, just give it back." The angelic voice cried. I looked at his open hand and then up to his face. He was serious. Taking one last bite, I placed the crust into his palm. I guess he didn't want to lose because he ate it in one bite.

"Nyx, meet Zero. Zero meet Lady Nyx De'Lioncourt."

"The pleasure all mine." I smiled brightly at him. "Thank you for the sandwich. It was delicious."

"Wish I could say the same." He grunted. The man in front of me was beautiful, even with a face twisted in anger. His jaw was sharp and smooth, lip a pale pink and eyes the brightest blue you've ever seen. He stood tall about six feet and he was slender, his hair stood out the most. White, really freaking white. Like fresh snow on a sunny day, when the sun hits it just right it sparkles a bright white. His presence was intimidating. If he wasn't Royce friend I would have tuck tail and ran.

"What are you?" I said in a breathy voice.

"Zero is an angle. He fell from heaven a few millenniums ago as a guardian angle. And he's here to keep you alive this time. All you have to do is accept him and complete the bond." I looked at Royce and back to Zero.

"What bond?"

"You'll see." Royce answered.

What do you think of Zero so far?

Why is Royce familiar to Nyx?

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