Chapter 47

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I woke up as usual and got dressed.(outfit on side).
I left my hair open and did my make up as normal. When I was done I went downstairs and went to my car.

I drove to the restaurant and went inside. It was only 9 yet and we open at 10. It's a new day today so it might be quiet but i'm not bothered much because I have to go to Megan's house today. I'm planning to go later at 7 or so.

Just then the front door opened and Nate and the other walked in.

"Oh hey guys" I said

"Hey liya." Everyone said and I smiled

"So we start at 10 and it might be quiet because it's only a new day. And we will close at 6 today because I need to go somewhere" I said to them and they nodded.

The guys went to the kitchen and started cooking and the girls went to the back and wore their aprons.

Hope this goes well
It's 6.30 now and I sent everyone home. The restaurant wasn't that quiet today. It was quite busy.

I checked the kitchen to see everything was turned off and then looked the door.

I sat in my car and drove to Megan's house. She told me yesterday in the party that she still lives there and next door Carlos bought and he lives there. It's sounds weird that he bought the house that I lived in before. But it's kind of cute.

Anyways I parked my car when I got there and I looked at the time to see I was still 10 minutes early.

I sorted my hair out out and got my bag and locked the car.

I walked towards the door and rang the bell. The door opened and a stunning girl opened it.

"Oh liya your here finally" she said letting me in

"Sorry I don't know you" I said as she took my bag

"Oh sorry about that. I'm Ashley. Cristian's wife" she said and I was shocked

"So your the famous un known girl he would talk about. I'm Liya" I said and she laughed

"Yeh I already know you. Everyone loves you here" she said and she started walking to the dining room and I followed her

"Liya's here" she said and I was shocked to see Amanda there

"Oh finally we were waiting for you" megan said and I laughed

"Sorry for being late. I was at the restaurant" I said and said at down next to Nick and Carlos was on my left.

"It's okay you can start now" Megan said and I looked to see it was pasta.

"Did kayden make this" I said tasting it and he laughed

"Yep. My own kids can't even recognise my food" he said laughing and I nodded

"Hello" a little girl said opposite me

"Hi. I'm liya" I said and she smiled

"Vanesa" she said and she sounded so cute.

"I like your name" I said and she smiled showing me her two missing teeth

"Thanfk you" she said and I smiled

"Nice to see you again. I was sure I had seen you somewhere when I met you yesterday" Amanda said and I smiled

"Oh really. And where is Luke" I asked and megan laughed

"He will be here any minute. He has gone to go and pick his girlfriend up" she said as we heard the front door open and luke and another girl walked in

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