Chapter 19 - A Verdict

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Chapter 19

A Verdict 

"They will be in there for days." Cam said to me almost three hours later but I wasn't paying attention. My gaze hadn't left the entrance. I paced the floor for the fiftieth time aware of the various amount of inquisitive eyes on me.

"Perses and Helena are trying to convince them I can just sense it." Jackson drawled.


I searched the entrance way again before turning my gaze to Kimberly. "Hm?"

"You're angry." She said. I sent her an obvious look. "Don't worry. Whatever the Elder's decide-"

"Won't be to any of our advantage." I said catching Elizabeth's eye. "I'll be staying here. And you'll all go back to earth and look after everyone, you hear?"


"Look, Cameron." I faced him. "I want you to go back as well. You got me here. I'm so thankful I can barely begin to express it. I will stay here for however long they want me here. Just keep me updated."

Kim looked at me. "A few months... could be-"

"Years, I know. But I won't have a choice. If I stay I'll be able to quicken his tribunal. And then you can sort out earth and these dam- dang Cacodemon's. I'll do what I can here."

No one spoke as they watched me. My gaze caught Bonnie's and I was aware of the tears streaming down her face. She'd heard every word.

Minutes went by, hours went by and soon enough we were aware the day was coming to a close. The day began to run into a darker twilight. Hours here I realised felt like an eternity. Although I said hours passed it felt more like days.

People dispersed from the Keep slowly. Cameron, Kimberly and Jackson were sat against the stone steps with their eyes closed.

And when I turned back to the crowd only Bonnie, Joseph, and Elizabeth remained. Where was Tristan anyhow...

Joseph approached me and the memories of him resurfaced. Joseph was a perfect man, and he saw the future. He'd been around when I grew up but barely. He'd helped me during my change but left as soon as it was over. 

"I knew this would happen," He murmured in his deep authoritative familiar voice. "The day we left I knew."

"And yet you didn't tell me." I said.

"If I told you, right now wouldn't have or be happening." His grey eyes were so loving and familiar I had to stop myself from falling into his warm fatherly embrace as he wrapped his arms around me.. "You've seen him, you know he's safe."

"I know he's being used and abused. How could they use him as a guard? And with our trial?"

"They use prisoners as guards because it gives them something to do. They'd be in there for eternity otherwise. And Zircah probably used Gabriel to spite you, you know you two bickered like mad." He leaned back and brushed my blonde hair away from my face. "You're blonde?"

"I dyed it in the Unnamed Realm for Cassiel's Ball."

"I'm afraid we weren't able to attend but apparently a Daughter of Light was chosen to dance with Cassiel. Hm?" He smiled knowingly.

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