Imagine 4- (Sweet/Cute) for 1DFangirl9

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Morgan's POV

"AHAHAHAH! Austin, babe stop!" I scream in fits of laughter. "Nope! Say it!" Austin demands as he is sitting on me tickling my sides.

"OK! OK! Austin Mahone is the most sexiest man on earth!" he stops tickling me getting off of me and helps me up. "Yea thats what i thought" he reached in for a kiss but before he could i took off running. I can hear his footsteps behind me getting closer and closer. I was in socks so i was kind of slow and i almost slipped a couple of times. Before i could turn to go into a room i feel his arms snake around my waist pulling me backwards into his chest 

"You think you could get away from me" he whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine. "Austin let me go" i say giggling trying to get out of his grip but failed. "Nope kiss me first" I turned around still in his arms and pressed my lips against his. He licked my bottom lip begging for an entrance and granted it. Our tongues danced around in eachothers mouths. Damn he was such a good kisser! I tangled my hands in his hair while his were still wrapped around my waist. 

We both pulled away with our foreheads touching. He looked in my eyes and bit his lip "I love you" he said as his grip on my waist got tighter. A smirk apeared on my lips "I love you to" he smiled at my responce and pecked my lips once more.

"I gotta show you something" he took my hand in his and lead me into his room. "Close your eyes" he said makng his way to his dresser. I obeyed and closed my eyes waiting for whatever he was gonna show me. I could hear him open his dresser and close it. I heard his footsteps come closer to me "Ok. Open." i opened my eyes and gasped at the what was in front of me. I looked at the beautiful ring in front of me. "I wanna give this to you. Its not a marrige ring, its a promise ring" It was in the shape on and infinity ring with mini diamonds tracing it. The light of the sun shinning threw his window reflected off of it making the many diamonds shine. 

"Austin. Its beautiful" i said as i looked into his hazel eyes.

"Morgan. I wanna promise you something. I promise you to always be by your side threw thick and thin. I promise to always love you and to treat you right. I want to be with you every single day of my life. I wanna marry you someday and have children with you someday. I promise one silly fight will never break us up. Loving you is easy." a tear slipped out my eye as he took the ring out the black box and slipped it on my finger. He wiped my tears and led us to the couch in the living room.

We both laid down in eachothers arms "Your my everything" he whispered. I leaned up and planted my lips on his. We made out for about 5 minutes. I can never get tired of his warm huggs and kisses. 

The rest of the day we cuddled, watched movies. kissed. and laughed at random things. I love my man! ;)


Sorry if there is any mistakes i used my phone to write this, but i hope you liked it <3