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"Hey hey hey! I have another joke." He said as we kept on laughing. I don't know why did he became my bestfriend. Yoyo is always fooling around, telling such weird jokes.

"Your laugh is so ugly!" He teasingly laughed. I just glared at him and grinned.

"What's your next joke? I wish it's not so corny again." He shook his hands and looked at me again.

"Why do crabs never give to charity?" He continued chuckling. I also don't know when this jokes started.


"Because they are shellfish!" He laughed at his own joke. I laughed a little and acted wiping my tears. I knew it, it will just get corny af.

"Why didn't you laugh! I prepared that for a long time." I glanced away from him.

"Okay okay I have one joke again." He paused for a while to think. I wish this one will not flop.

"Here it goes..." He sighed and looked at me.

"How do you organize a space party?" I tilted my head up looking at the ceiling to think of the answer.

"How?" My eyes furrowed as he spoke,

"You planet." I bursted out a laugh. I'm laughing back and forth so does he.

"Honestly, that one was good compared to the other jokes. Where did you get those?"

"I made it by myself. Haha I'm glad that you laughed. I just want to make you happy. And I also want you to move on from that shit -- I mean from your ex-boyfriend." I deeply sighed and hugged my knees.

"Thank you Yunhyeong. I only want you beside me in this kind of situation. Don't worry, I won't spend my time and my tears just because of that guy." I was surprised when he blushed and looked away. Now he's getting weird.

"Aish I hate dramas. Here, I have a joke again." He smiled and paused to think. I just stared at him, waiting for his jokes.

I scanned his whole face. His eyes are sparkling, his nose is well-formed, and his lips looks so kissable.

I am weirder than him. I can't believe about what my mind is thinking right now

"Hey _______, you okay? Do you still want to here my joke?" He asked. I shook my head to go back from reality again. I nodded and smiled.

"Of course! Am just thinking of something. Tell me your joke." He teasingly smiled.

"What did the late tomato say to the early tomato?" I really can't answer his jokes.


"I'll ketch up." I seriously laughed. I even held my stomach!

"Why you always making me laugh Yunhyeong? I hate you!" I muttered as we continued laughing. I wondered when he stopped and his face expression became so serious.

"Why is your face like that?" I asked in curiousity. He slowly looked at me like he wants to tell something.

"I have something to tell you..." I waited for him to continue. Now, I can see him sweating.

"W-What is it Yunhyeong? Come on, tell me." My voice became soft. This convo is so serious.

"We're friends for 2 years already. And I guess, this time is already the right time."

"I-I can't understand Yunhyeong." I stuttered.

"I like you... But I'm just scared to tell you because you like someone and I think, it's impossible for you to like me. I'm just a friend of yours. A bestfriend." He looked down, playing with his fingers.

I didn't notice or realize that my bestfriend is already falling in love with me.

"Is that a j-joke Yunhyeong?" I asked first to clear out things.

"What do you think _______?" He frowned and looked down again. Aish I hate him looking like this. I love Yoyo for being so energetic and cheerful.

"To be honest, I never liked you." He surprisingly looked at me with a teary eye. He wiped his tears and smiled.

"I kno---"

"Please let me finish first." I said, not letting him to finish his sentence. Yoyo is so dramatic.

"I never liked you. But now I've realized, I am an idiot for not noticing my bestfriend's feelings. I'm so sorry..."

"You don't need to say sorry! No one should be sorry. Thanks for being true. I accept it now." My eyebrows furrowed.

"Accept what?"

"That I'll always be your friend. Just a friend." He fakely smiled. I am the one who's getting hurt because of what he is showing.

"Did I said that? I don't remember." I grinned and wiped his tears.

"Stop crying Yunhyeong! You are such a cry baby. Now I have a joke." He chuckled, escaping from the awkwardness.

"You? You will tell a joke?" Yoyo teased. I poked his arms and glared at him.

"Yea yea. Okay, here it goes... What do you call a sheep with no legs?"

"What? A sheep with no legs?" I laughed first before answering,

"A cloud." I even threw the pillow because of the non-stop laughter.

"Ha-ha-ha. You are so corny too _______." I punched his arm and he screamed in awe.

"Yaaaah ouch!" He mocked. I chuckled and apologized.

"I have a joke too." He looked down the floor, thinking of something deep.

"Tell me now your next joke!"

"I love you." Right at this moment, I froze. Even my fingers can't move.

"I love you too Yunhyeong." I glanced away cause I think I'm already blushing.

"Is that a joke _______?" He cheeefully smiled, hoping my answer would be a no.

"Of course not!" I yelled and hugged him tight. I put down my chin on his shoulder and smelled his scent.

"Is your I love you a joke?" I asked while still hugging him.

"Definitely not. I mean it. Not a joke this time." I hugged him more tightly so does he.

"You're not my bestfriend anymore." He pulled from the hug and looked at me.

"H-Huh? What do you mean?"

"You're slower than a turtle! I already want you to be my boyfriend!" Yoyo screamed in happiness and hugged me again.

"You're making me flutter _______! I love you!"

"You're such a joker! Hahaha I love you too Yoyo."


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