Chapter 1 - Merida

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It was a warm August's evening in the majestic Scottish highlands. The sun was sinking across the bloodshot sky at dusk, the captivating sunset glowed a stunning array of crimson, ruby and amber which gave the illusion that the evening sky was on fire.

Gazing out through the open window of the castle sat Merida, the young daughter of the King and Queen of Scotland. She watched serenly as the fiery sky gradually settled into a twilight canvas and the first twinkling stars of the night began to appear.

Between her fingers Merida twiddled with a singled ringlet of her wildly tusseled scarlet hair, fiery as the sun, as she always did when lost deep in thought.

Every so often Merida would find herself feeling awfully lonely, she didn't know that many other people of her own age and would spend most of her time with her beloved shetland pony, Angus. She sometimes wished she had someone who she could go on her adventures with.. 'If only..' she thought.

Suddenly in that moment a quiet crackling sound was heard. Barely audible, barely above the sound of a whisper, but it was there. It was coming from the window Merida was leaning against. There on the glass as beautiful and mesmerising as anything she had ever seen was a small embelishment of frost. The sight of something so enchanting and the sudden cold winter breeze that swept through the open window, lightly tickling at Merida's cheeks, took her breath away. Then once more another sound reached Merida's senses, it came from just outside the window, it was a laugh, a laugh so bewitching, a laugh so breathtaking and so full of pure delight filling the silence of the night air, but then vanishing again in a second, it would make one believe they had simply imagined it.

Completely lost in the magic of the moment Merida did not even find herself wondering why there was frost in the middle of August, nor did she stop to question where it had came from and who was the laugh she had heard outside her window. However one thing was for sure, whoever it was, was no ordinary being at all. Instead of panicking, or even calling out to ask who was out there Merida found herself froze to the spot, her mind was swept back to memories of years long ago, of magical tales her mother used to tell her when she was so young,  tales of myths and legends that she had never believed were really true... until now. The frost, the cold, the laugh. she could hardly believe it, but it had to be.

Jack Frost.

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