A Last Battle. Part 27

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Image of  an Australian Dingo

(This chapter has been divided into two halves, part A&B because of it's length13/4/2016)

Jenny POV..

I can't describe how tiring it was getting over the mountains. It was only because I was familiar with them that I was able to do it as quick as I did. I also can't describe how beautiful it was looking east and seeing the tree line that bordered the homestead property in the fading light also noticing the smoke that rose at intervals making me smile. Mary is sending a message, for me.

Pulling out the compass and checking the directions of both the needle and where we need to go, I took notice of where we needed to go by the nick I made on the side once we were down on the plains. Then I started walking again, ever aware of those eyes that followed us at a distance. I also made sure that I had a couple of those golf clubs at easy reach, just in case.

Then once again, I started walking, putting one foot in front of the other and at times being careful how I lowered us all down the hills. But just as it was about dark and the light was fading, I made it. That was when I made a quick stop to check the kids and Geoffrey.

Seeing that they were okay, I started my journey home once more, with breaths that were beginning to hurt my chest as they had for the last few hours since I am forcing myself forward. But before long, It was dark, and I was now scared of the night at the moment... and of what was getting closer.

Vi's POV ..

It's dark now and I can't eat. I can't do anything. All I do is stand there then pace, back and forwards on the veranda waiting. Just waiting. I hear the sounds of Mary and her family dancing and singing in the light of the fight they had burning.

Jack-jack had come earlier and said that they wouldn't light any other fires now. Just this one which they made into a huge bonfire. I asked him if anyone would mind if I joined them down there at their fire, but he said it wasn't right Missus since it was blackfella matters.

I didn't understand what he was meaning since this was all new to me going through this, but I politely said thank you to him anyway before he went out and joined the others. He passed Daniel who was on his way in the door saying a few words I didn't quite hear.

"What did he say, Daniel?" I asked him as we all sat there waiting for something to happen. "If you don't mind my asking."

"He just said to make sure the guns were ready." He said with a confused look.

Looking back out the window I thought about why we would need guns to be ready. Then it came to me.

"There's dingo's about. If they get a scent of easy food, they'll go after it in a pack. It's what they do, especially the females with young." I said to them, going into the office and using the key I keep beside the cabinet, I unlocked it to show a full arsenal of rifles and ammunition. Grabbing a few guns I grabbed some ammo to load the guns and get them ready.

"Do any of you know how to shoot?" I asked them.

"I do." Answered Sandra which caused me to lift my brow in surprise. 

"What? I didn't always use to be a nurse." She said with a mean little smile. I don't think I ever want to be on her bad side.

"I do too as does Daniel." Ron said to me. So I passed them a gun each too. Looking at Maggie, she just shook her head at me. 

"No, thankyou." She said with a look at me, remembering a time long ago in our past. .

"No thank you dear, you might shoot me." Ron said with a smile as he grabbed her and gave her a quick kiss. That sounds like a story for another time too, I wondered.

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