Hi! And welcome to my rant book! This is where I'll rant about fandoms, certain fanfic categories, the certain cliches that fanfics share, annoying things on Wattpad, all the shiz. At random times during any rant I will give some advice depending on the topic. Take that last part however you will.

(I'll try to keep the rules short and sweet)

(I'll try to keep the rules short and sweet)

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1) I will be fairy blunt most of the time. There will also be occasional swearing in this book so if that's not you cup of tea, consider yourself warned. I don't want comments about how I'm rowdy low class trash for swearing once or twice and I will block you guys specifically. I know I'm being harsh but it won't be my fault that this warning was ignored completely.

2) THIS IS COMPLETELY MY OPINION AND I WILL STATE THIS MULTIPLE TIMES SO THAT SOME OF THE IDIOTS THAT DISAGREE WON'T GET THEIR PANTS IN A TWIST. For the most part, if they are not to your liking, take them with a grain of salt. Please note that my opinions do change over time so if you see me republishing some of the older rants, it's being changed or more is added to reflect my current stance on things.

3) I'm not completely heartless and I am open to other's POVs. If some of the rants offend you in any way, please do let me know personally through PM instead of just hating on it through the comments.

4) When I create an example for a rant, keep in mind that I bear no ill-will towards anybody. Don't go harassing the authors for their cliche-ness. They'll eventually grow out of it.

Sound fair to everyone? Good. Now have a Toothless gif. Enjoy!

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