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2 years later

Percy was my best friend. He was sometimes an odd kid, but that made me like him more. We were in highschool now. I had a lot of classes with Percy, which was good. I liked to keep him company. He doesn't seem to have many other friends.

I felt like protecting Percy was my job. If someone had some rumour about him, I would stop it. Although, Percy never seemed to care about what people said. Actually, he doesn't seem to care about anything. His grades get lower and lower because he doesn't seem to study, or do any work. His dyslexia doesn't exactly help. He's a smart kid. Just a troubled one.

He doesn't change out for gym. He gets points deducted, punishment, detention. He won't change out for gym.

"I just don't wanna," He said, looking at his feet. "I don't care. I don't wanna,"

In August at the beginning of the year, it was 97° F out here. Percy (thankfully) abandoned his hoodie but was wearing a long sleeved shirt. It felt like Satan's asscrack out here and he was wearing a long sleeve shirt.

"Dude, do you ownly own long sleeved shirts or something? It's like a hundred degrees!" I said.

He shrugged. "I'm fine, man."

He was not fine. It was hot and I felt like overheating in my T-shirt. I ushered him inside before he suffered from heat-stroke.

"It's not like I'm gonna melt," Percy protested.

"Yes you are! You're gonna overheat!" I chided.

He huffed and sat in front of the AC in my room.

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