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"Did they fix the alternator?" I ask Stiles as he pulls into my driveway. We were meeting with the rest of the group to have a pack meeting.

We had just saved Lydia and killed the Beast of Gevaudan while keeping our lives. Parrish almost died but he's healing. The Beast ended up being Aiden and him and Lydia have been gone for a while. Is that why Stiles has been so upset?

"Yeah," he said putting the car in park and pulling the key out of the ignition.

Stiles has barely even spoken to me since the fight. I don't know why. I almost died. Shouldn't he be happy I'm alive?

I feel like the feelings that we grew for each other aren't the same as they used to be. Ever since we saved Lydia, he hasn't been acting the same. I looked at him with a confused look as he got out of the car. I opened my door and followed him in, the confused look stuck on my face.

"Is it still happening?" Kira asked me when I walked in. She was the only person I told of Stiles' behavior.

"Yeah," I said, my confused look turning to a sad one. "It'll be okay," Kira said putting her hand on my shoulder, trying her best to comfort me. "Hey," she said, suddenly having an idea. "What is it?" I ask slightly shaking her to get her to say it. "Why don't we ask Scott to pick up his signals?" I looked at her, the confused face making its comeback.

"What signals?" I asked her. "You know," she told me. "He can pick up on how someone feels." I suddenly remember Stiles telling me about something like that.


"Exactly," Kira exclaimed as Scott walked up. "What's going on?" He asked. "Oh nothing," I said crossing my arms nonchalantly. "Its Stiles," Kira tells him. Part of me thinks I should be mad about her telling him but the other part of me is grateful because I know I would've never been able to say that myself.

"What about him?" Scott asked raising his eyebrows. "Can you, like, pick up his chemosignals maybe?" He rolled his eyes. "You wanna know if he likes you?" He asked me. "Yeah," I finally admitted. "Don't worry about it." That's all he said. Then he walked away. Kira looked at me and but her lip anxiously.

"What do you think that means?" She asked me. I took a deep breath trying not to let a tear escape.

"It means that he doesn't like me."

How could I have been wrong? I could've sworn the feelings were mutual.

She pulled me in for a hug and we walked into the living room.

Stiles POV

"What's wrong with you?" Theo asked Y/N as she walked into the living room. I chuckled irritated at him and he looked back at me raising his eyebrows.

Theo has "changed". He's not a chimera anymore. Deaton did something to him to make him, different. Well, he is still a chimera, just not a supernatural one I guess. The only thing that hasn't changed is the fact that he likes Y/N.

"Nothing," Y/N says wiping her eyes and sitting on the couch. I wonder what's wrong? She seemed fine in the car.

Scott keeps asking me if I'm okay. He says I've been acting sort of strange lately but I don't know why he would think that. Nothing happened to me.

He should be asking Y/N if she's okay. She almost died.

Theo put his arm on the back of the couch around Y/N. I rolled my eyes and scoffed again. Theo was the one that told me to back away from Y/N.

Theo said that Y/N didn't like me and that she wanted me to leave her alone. I didn't want to believe him but part of me thought he was being serious. I mean, Deaton did... Fix him. I wonder if that fixed his personality? Is he still a lying, scheming, little punk, bastard, that's trying to steal the love of my life?

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