Coming Home. Part 26

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Vi's POV at The Double R..

It must have been about four o'clock when we received word that a plane would be landing shortly at our air strip. It confused me a little as I wasn't expecting anyone else at the moment and I didn't know who or what was coming.

"This is Victor Foxtrot zero, four, two, one. For River Ridge, comeback." A voice said over the air.

Quickly going and picking up the mike, I said. "This is River Ridge, over." I said as I waited for a response.

 "I have a parcel delivery for River Ridge and will be delivering at River Ridge's airstrip in ten minutes. Over." The voice was saying.

"Acknowledged. Over and out." I said putting the mike down and turning to Maggie who was standing behind me.

"I'm not expecting anything, are you?" I asked her confused.

"No." She said back at me. "It doesn't matter, I have to go and see what it is anyway.  Want to come for a run?" I asked her.

"Sure." She said as she went to get her hat. Hats were not an option anywhere in Australia. You do not go outside without one, ever.

Knowing that Daniel and Ron were out and about with Jack-jack somewhere sorting some lights out for later, I just grabbed a set of keys for one of the forby's and with Maggie, jumped in and drove over to the airstrip on the other side of the homestead.

Parking next to the fence near the gate to the airstrip, Maggie and I stepped out of the Hilux and moved over to stand under the shade of a tree nearby that had a few seats scattered under it's foliage and sat and waited, listening to hear the hum of an incoming plane.

A few minutes later, both Ron and Daniel joined us and it wasn't long after that when we heard the hum from the plane which came into sight as it circled the property getting into position to land. Then we all just watched as the plane got lower and lower before touching down and bouncing a few times.

"Who's coming?" Ron asked as we all kept looking at the shiny new plane that was getting closer and closer to us.

"I have no idea." I murmured back to him watching as the plane landed and skidded down the runway throwing up dirt and dust which I waved away from in front of me when it blew this way with the breeze.

It was only a minute or two before the plane taxied over to us and  'parked' beside the fence. A moment later, the door was opened and the pilot stood there looking around. Seeing us, he called out.

"Oh, good. There's a few men here." He said to someone over his shoulder behind him when he saw us. " Can you two (motioning to Ron and Daniel) come here and give us a hand?" At that Ron and Daniel walked to the plane.

"What can we help you with, Son?" Ron asked the pilot curiously.

"I need some of these seats removed to make way for some stretchers." He said as a beautiful, middle aged woman who I think was a little older than myself appeared in the door way causing everyone to freeze in what they are doing. She even looked a little bit familiar. I don't know why.

"Dear, your right. it is beautiful here. This is such wonderful countryside." The lady was saying with an accent as she made her way down the plane's stairs with the pilots help. Then she looked up and smiled at us while she waited for someone to come down the stairs and join her, which wasn't long.

A man then appeared, but I couldn't see his face as he had turned and was talking to the pilot and Ron with Daniel standing by. Then he turned and came down the stairs. Then he looked up at me and smiled.

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