"Hey guys!"

Liam had a smile on his face. It was a nervous smile, judging by the way the corners of his mouth twitched. All eyes in the room turned to look at him. Blue, hazel, green and brown gazes locked with his own, but they didn't speak. They all looked...not very happy to see him.

"Guys..?" He looked at all of them and blinked. Why weren't they talking? Not even a greeting? Liam bit his lip before inviting himself inside. Thr door closed behind him and he just stood there.

He saw Harry sitting on the couch with Niall curled in his lap. By the paleness of the man's face and his eyes, Liam could tell he was having a hangover from hell. Looking back around, he saw Louis curled in his husband's lap. A noise told him that Jamie must have gone to the kitchen. "Um.. Hey..", he started again.

"Nice of you to join us." Harry looked at him with an expression of pure resentment. "Did you finally tear your face out of your phone long enough to come see us." He wasn't exactly angry; Niall had text him and said he had something to say but had never gotten a response. But the message had been opened so Liam had seen it. Niall had been hurt by it. And that pissed him off.

"I.. I-i'm sorry..", he stammered," I got tied up with-..." Liam stopped. He couldn't tell them where had been. They all thought he was straight! But Harry stopped him before he even could.

"Let me stop you right there." Harry held his hand up. He leaned down and whispered something into Niall's ear. He mumbled something back before moving from Harry's lap and curling up in the corner of the couch. After he pressed a kiss into Niall's hair, he switched his attention back to Liam and got up from the couch and stood directly in front of him. "Why didn't you answer any of us."

Liam bit his lip harder. It sounded like a demand rather than a question. As if that weren't bad enough, he had two hazel orbs staring two holes through him. "I just got..busy with...my car..." It wasn't his best lie. Sure, he had been having some car troubles, but it wasn't bad. His thoughts were confirmed when a dimpled smirk came to him.

"Thats bullshit and you know it." Harry glared at him. Who was this new lying Liam? "You've had plenty of time to answer us but no. You can't stop being a self centered little bitch long enough to come over here and congratulate your newly engaged 'best friend's!'" His voice rose when the sarcasm started up. "Yeah. Wipe that dumbass look off your face. I asked Niall to marry me. Oh but you don't care, do you!"

Liam stood, half shocked but opened his mouth to speak. Again, he was stopped. "No!" Harry pointed at him," Don't you say a word! I don't want to hear anymore of your..your. ... UGH!" He threw his arms up before storming off upstairs.

Even Louis looked after him in stunned silence. He had never heard Harry, as foul mouthed as he was, says such things. Niall didn't look around. He kept his face buried in his knees. Partly because he was afraid to look up, and because he was still avoiding Louis. During the rant, Jamie had returned the couch with a fresh glass of chocolate milk.

"What did I miss?" She looked around at the shocked faces in confusion.

"Liam got his ass handed to him." Amusement lined Zayn's voice when he started laughing. "On a silver fuckin' platter!" It echoed around the room until Louis began laughing too. It was quieter due to his hangover. A grin formed on Jamie's lips and even two blue eyes looked up.

The room soon filled with laughter. All but Liam and Niall were giggling and squirming in there seats. And the sound of things falling around upstairs made it rise. "That wasn't funny. ..", Liam muttered and looked at his feet.

"You... You. ..shoulda seen your fa-ace!" Hiccups interrupted Louis when he looked at Liam," You were.. Li-ke a deer in head-lights..!" His small body shook slightly in Zayn's lap. A pair of arms were wound around his waist so he would fall off, which he was in danger of.

Zayn held him with a smile on his face. "Don't mind Harry. He's just pissy because he let Niall drink to much last night and now the poor guy can barely stand up." He nodded his head in the direction of him.

Niall was tucked into the couch, his arms around his folded legs. His eyes peeked out over his knees like a child. "I can walk..", he said weakly but didn't even try to move. The room was already spinning. He really wanted Harry to come back downstairs so he could lay on him.

When he was about to call his name, he heard his fiancé come stomping back down the stairs. In one hand he held a glass of water and in the other, two white pills. Harry flopped down on the couch and they all heard his grumbling. "I'm not pissy... They think I am? Oho..I'll show them pissy!" He stopped ranting long enough for his face to grow soft.

"Here, Ni", he said quietly and handed him the pills and water," Take these and you can go lay down, sweetheart." Harry held his hands steady when he popped the pills in his mouth and swallowed them down. A small smile tried to form on his lips at the horrid face Niall made.

Zayn watched with an affectionate smile. He remembered the first time he had done that with Louis. It was after there first trip to america when Louis found Kevin, which he still had, and Simon had thrown them a party. Louis hadn't been able to walk that night. Jamie even smiled; it wasn't like Harry to be a giant teddy bear.

"Come on..", Harry was saying," I'll help you.." He pushed himself from the couch and helped Niall up until the man was putting eighty percent of his weight on him. Arm around Niall's waist, he helped him half stumble upstairs and back into the spare room.

The fan was still blowing so it was cool. Harry helped him sit down on the edge. "I'm sorry baby...", he started but Niall cut him.

"Hazza... Mm..." Niall rubbed his own leg with one hand and rubbed his eye with the other,"Where.... Why don't have pants on... I feel...naked..." His hand ran from his hip and thigh, all the way down to hid ankle. But the one hand kept to his eye.

Harry could have laughed had he not felt like such a dick. Niall always got so confused after a night of heavy drinking. Usually he asked why he wasn't naked, so today was different. "Baby.. They're downstairs.. You threw them into the fan last night, remember?"

"Ohh.. Okay then.." Niall nodded like he understood. "I think.. I want to sleep..." He stretched and scooted back until he was able to fall sideways. A sigh left him when he laid his head on the pillow.

"If you need me, just holler." Harry smiled and squeezed his leg before leaving the bed. He wad almost out of the door when Niall made another noise.


Turning around, he saw Niall had sat back up and was fiddling with the hem og his boxers. Harry frowned; surely Niall didn't want sex. He couldn't. "Yes?"

That pale face took on an almost childish look. "Um.. Can you sleep in here with me.. Please?" Niall blinked up at him with a hopeful look on his face. He never liked to sleep alone. But he hated it even more when he felt like shit. Like now.

How could he say no to that face? Harry reclosed the door with a smile and flipped the light off on his way back. He crawled up onto the bed and laid directly behind Niall like he always did. "C'mere. ..", he said softly. Laying on his side perfectly, Harry helped Niall smash his back against his chest. Like normal, the feeling of Niall's skin against him made his heart speed up. It was something he had never gotten used too.

As Niall pushed his bum into Harry's hips and got comfortable, he yawned and glanced over his shoulder. His vision was swimming but he could still make out a few curls. "And Harreh...?"

"Hm?" He was already relaxing behind him, his arm locked around Niall's waist. But at the sounds of Niall's sift voice, he looked up.

"Don't let Louis steal my pants..." Niall let his head drop to the pillow when he had laid his arm over Harry's. His eye lids were already drooping when he spoke" His ass is to big.... They'll.....rip...." He didn't hear the chuckle that came from behind when sleep took him.

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