Chapter Twelve

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Sorry but this will be short

Lily's P.O.V

This week, in my opinion, has been complete and utter shit. Oh, excuse my French. I tried all day to get James to talk to me. To try and tell him how it isn't Danny I like. How I don't like anyone but him. The only problem is, is that he just won't listen. I get that he's mad. I understand that.  Although, what I don't get, is why he won't even listen. Yes, I've been horrible to him in the past, but I just, why won't he listen!

I sigh as I sit down at the Gryffindor table for dinner. A minuet later, my friends came to sit down next to me, following them is a sixth year from Ravenclaw named Zach. I have a couple classes with him, and we have been getting along just fine. The only problem is, I was hoping he could help  me get my mind off of James, but apparently, nothing can help with that.

"Hello ladies." Zach says sliding into the seat next to me.

"Hi Zach, what's up?" I ask smiling at him. Not a real one, haven't had one all week.

"Just wanted to sit with my favorite girls is all." He says looking at all four of us.

Dorcas giggle, which is weird because she never giggles. We all talk for a while, until, quite suddenly, I see Remus walking up to me.

"Hey Re, what's up?" I asked confused. I take a quick glance at James, whom is stabbing his dinner with his fork.


"We need to talk." He tells me, quietly.

I nod, not sure where this is going.

I get up and follow him into an empty class room near the great hall.

Remus closes the door quickly, and then turns to talk to me. "Look Lily, about James."

"Remus, look, I didn't want to hurt him. I never intended to ever put him through something like this. You know how I feel."

"Lils, I know. I know. I know how you feel, I know that you didn't want to hurt him, and I know that he sort of over reacted. I'm trying to get him to talk to you, but he just won't listen. I'm sorry Lils, but we just need to wait. He'll calm down eventually. He has to. He can't stay mad at you for long. I mean come on this is James we are talking about. Lily, he loves you."

I laugh. "Yeah right, after what he said the other night..." I trail off, staring at nothing.

Remus sighs. "Lily I'm-"

"Don't. Just don't. I-I can't deal with this please." I'm on the verge of tears right now. I turn around running out of the room  and all the way up the Gryffindor common room. I sigh as I walk up stairs. What am I going to do.

Sorry it was so short.

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