Chapter 19

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(Gem POV)

Christmas Is The Day After Tomorrow And I Got Everybody A Gift Except Tay... Cause I Don't Know Yet Still... I Dont Want To Get Her Something She Has Or Something She Don't Like...

I Layed In Bed On My Side Staring Up At Tay As She Slept. I Find Myself Observing Her Alot. Then Next Thing I Knew I Was Feeling Her Soft Face. I Gently Touched Her Cheek And Out Lined Her Face With My Finger. She Was Snoring Lightly And It Was Cute.

I Think I.... "No I Wont Say It" I Said To Myself As I Removed My Hands From Her Face And Got Up From The Bed.

I Went Into The Bathroom And Brushed My Teeth And Washed My Face And Stared At Myself For A Minute Or Two.

"Morning" Tay Said As I Walked Out Of The Bathroom.

She Was Still Laying Down. She Stretched Her Hands And Legs Around.

"Morning" I Said.

"Oww Shit" She Said Making A Hurt Baby Face. She Stretched Her Hand Back To Much And She Hit The Bed Head.

I Just Chuckled To Myself And Shook My Head.

"I Broke A Nail" She Wined.

"Its To Early To Be Wining" I Told Her.

"You Have No Heart" She Said Examining Her Finger.

"Let Me See" I Said As I Walked Over To Her.

I Took Her Hand In My Hand And Looked At The Nail. It Was A Little Broken Part.. It Wasn't Big At All. I Swear Girls Make A Big Deal For Everything.

To Make Her Think I Cared I Kissed Her Hand And Asked Her... "What Would You Like Me To Do?" I Said.

"You Should Take Me To Get My Nails Polished" She Said. But I Thought She Wasn't A Girly Girl.

"I Though You Wasn't Girly" I Asked.

"Who Said I Was Getting It In A Girly Style?" She Said.

"Ain't That What Nail Polish Mean?" I Said

"Clear Is What I Get... And Polished Means Clean" She Said. First Time I Heard That.

"No Diamonds, Sparkles Or Glitter?" I Asked.

"No Nun Of That" She Said Getting Up.

"Damn You Are A Homeboy" I Said. TD Warned Me.

"You Dont Trace Your Homeboys Faces Do You?" She Asked Walking Into The Bathroom.

"You Had Something On Your Face" I Said As She Closed The Bathroom Door Behind Her.

"I Know" She Said.


Once Again I Found Myself In TDs Room... On A Normal Day He Is The Lost One But Now A Days He's The Man With All The Answers.

"Back Again" He Asked Coming Out Of His Bathroom.

"Back Again" I Repeated.

"Wifey Problems?" He Asked.

"Funny" I Said.

"You Know Its True" He Said.

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