Nine: Scott

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Theo's not in this story, but I just have to say something about Cody Christian.
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     Today, Stiles and I are going to tell the others, including Allison, about our relationship at lunch.

     I'm sitting at the lunch with Stiles beside me. Lydia, Kira, Malia, Allison, Isaac, Liam, Brett, and Mason all walk to our table and sit down.

     "We have something to tell you guys," Stiles starts. "My dad and Scott's mom all ready know. I won't be suprised if Lydia, Malia, Kira, and Liam have already figured it out."

     "OMG!!! Just tell us!" Liam shouts acting like a total girl.
     Brett slaps Liam's arm. "Stop yelling."

     "Stiles and I are offically dating," I say.

     No one, except Allison, looks suprised.

     "Have you guys said 'I love you' yet?" Liam asks fangirling.

     "Liam, stop fangirling," Mason says.

     "Yes, we have," Stiles answers Liam.

     "I figured it would finally happen," Isaac says unfazed.

     "I don't mind, I actually support you guys. I really do," Allison says. "But I wasn't gone that long. How did this all happen in four months?"

     Stiles and I shrug.

     "Does it matter?" Liam asks Allison. "They're in love. It's adorable. Does it really matter whether it took four months or four years?"

     "I guess not," Allison replies.

     "Just enjoy the Sciles," Liam says still fangirling.

     "Sciles?" Allison asks.

     Lydia, Malia, and Liam gasp. "Scott's and Stiles' ship name!!" They yell in unison.

     "Sorry that I asked," Allison says looking guilty.

     "Don't be," I say with a smile. "They're just fangirls."

     Allison and I laugh. Stiles looks jealous.

     I reach for Stiles' hand. "It's okay, baby."

     Stiles seems to calm down.


     While Stiles is driving me home, I ask him something.

     "Will you go out with me tonight?"

     "Of course," he replies with a smile.

     We arrive at my house. I kiss Stiles, say 'I love you', then go inside.


     I'm standing in front of my mirror getting ready. My mom walks in and sits on my bed.

     "So," she starts. "A second date already?"

     I blush and smile softly. "Yeah."

     "You really like Stiles that much, huh?" She smiles.

     "I love him," I reply truthfully. "And before you ask, I have already told him many times."

     "I'm proud of you, Scott."

     "Thanks, Mom."

     I hear a honk and run downstairs after kissing my mom on the cheek. I climb inside the jeep and smash my lips against Stiles'.

     I pull away. "I love you, baby."

     "I love you too, Scotty," Stiles says with a smile as he begins to drive.

     We arrive at the restaurant and claim our table. We order and dig in.

     "My mom is going to gone all weekend," I say as we finish eating. "So, I wondering if you would like to stay over the whole time."

     "I would love too," Stiles replies with a smile.

     I grab his hands. "I'm crazy abour you."

     He blushes. "I'm crazy about you too."

     "I love you, Stiles."

     "I love you too, Scotty."

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