"Derek, what am I doing here?"

"Do you trust me?" He asks.

"Not really, I kind of just met you. You could be a mureder for all I know."

"There's always that possibility isn't there," he laughs.

"Look at you... You're kind of creepy."

He raises an eyebrow and starts walking over to me. "How am I creepy?"

"You just are okay. You look like you're about to kill someone at any moment and it's really creepy."

"Oh, okay... Yeah I get that a lot believe it or not."

I try to hold back but it doesn't work.

"Okay now getting on to what I really want to tall about."

"What?" I ask in a sarcastic boring way.

"I need to teach you the rules."

"What rules?"

"The rules of being a werewolf."

"If I knew I had to take I class, I wouldn't have signed up." I say murmuring.

"Okay so first things first is control."

"I'm pretty sure I can handle not changing when I'm in public."

"Okay, what about when you're mad. What about when your heart beat rises when you're with a guy or something."

The only person who has ever made my heart beat rise is standing in front of me...

"Okay, so that may be a problem."

For the next hour all we do is train and learn control.

Let's hope this comes in handy on the full moon.


I go home to see my mom and dad in the living room.

My dad had his elbows on his knees and was twiddling his thumbs. He only does this when he's unsure or nervous and my dad is rarely unsure.

"Hi," I say walking in.

"Abigail, have a seat," my mom says pointing to the chair that was in front of her and my dad.

I sat down and started messing with the bottom of my shirt.

"Since you're a year older then Allison we have to talk with you.. It's very important so you can't just bail on it."

"Okay?" I say confused.

"You also can't tell anybody. You know how all family has their secrets," I nod my head at my mom, "well this is ours."

Now my dad started to talk, "For decades and decades our family have been hunters."

"That's why there's guns in the house," I say.

"Exactly, but ever wonder why they're big. Well, our family have been hunting werewolves. Its what we do. We hunt the supernatural."

All I did was sit there shocked.

"We want to start training you.. You must not speak a word of this to Allison. She's not ready."

"And I am?" I shout getting up. "You honestly think I'm ready to pick up a gun and shoot an imoccent person?"

"We hunt those who hunt us Abigail. Its part of the code."

"I can't do this. I can't breath." I could already feel myself turning. It was happening in front of my werewolf hunter parents.

I ran to my room and locked the door.

Find an anchor. Anything. Think about him. Think about how he makes you feel. Think about Derek.


I finally settled down. It took me a while but I'm finally calm.

I haven't left my room since they started talking to me. I haven't even left my room. I can't bear to face them. This all seems like a bad dream. Like if I pinch myself hard enough, I'll wake up.

I decide to give it a try. I lift my long sleeve shirt up and pinch my forearm as hard as I can.

Unfortunately nothing happened. Now my arm sort of hurt.

I soon get a text from Derek telling me to come outside and get in his car. So I climb out the window and get in the passenger seat of his black comaro.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Scott's house. I have to talk to him."

I don't say another word.

Finally we get to Scott's house and we climb up to his window and get in his room.

He was skyping with Stiles when the screen started buffering.

Soon Scott turned around and Derek grabbed him by the collar shoving him up against the wall.

"I saw you on the field." Derek says in his creepy 'I'm gonna kill you' voice.

"Wha- what are you talking about?"

"You shifted in front of them! If they find out what you are, they find out about me, and her" he says pointing at me." About all of us. And then it's not just the hunters after us, it's everyone."

"But- they didn't see anything. I swear."

"And they won't! Because if you even try to play in that game on Saturday- I'm gonna kill you myself." Just like that Derek is gone and so is my ride.

"Listen Scott," I say. "I'm not gonna make you not play in the game Saturday. But I'm also not telling you that you should. It's a really big risk and could sabotage me, you, and Derek. So I'm gonna let you think things through."

I go downstairs and walk the rest of the way home.

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