1. An Unexpected Guest

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1. An Unexpected Guest

The Captain lies quietly upon the velvety sheets, his hands stroking the girl's hair before him. Something about her made his heart flutter further. He'd always been one for a pretty face and while his crew were still roaming the streets he'd been able to hypnotise this girl into spending a few hours with him. That was after he'd gotten her drunk and carried her onto his ship.

"You're not as big and bad as they say, Captain," she says with a suggestive smile.

He smiles smugly, "You haven't gotten to know me yet darling."

He moves his hand from twirling her blonde hair between his fingers to her reddening cheeks. As soon as his skin touches hers, her cheeks turn crimson. She gives a soft laugh, a laugh that indicated that she was just as nervous as he was. Though he'd had tonnes of experience with this before, each time he did this he couldn't help but feel nervous.

"You know I would love to," she says, moving closer towards the Captain on the bed, her finger sliding down his dirty shirt and down below it's contents.

The Captain reads her eyes. He knew she didn't want him for obvious reasons, she just wanted to brag to all of her friends that she'd shagged the deadliest Captain in the seas. Sadly, the Captain didn't care! He loved knowing that he was the scariest yet sexiest man at sea who didn't mind a few ladies with him now and then. He didn't mind the fact that all the ladies he'd slept with just wanted him for one night, he just cared about popularity and ratings, which were hard to get considering he lives on a ship.
As his answer he slowly moves his lips towards her mouth, not even caring about the fact that he'd only met her in a pub down town a few hours ago.

"Kiss me...," she whispers against his lips, her eyes flickering up to his blue eyes.

The Captain smiles against her lips before meeting them. Her lips taste like alcohol, salt and mischief. Success hits him as she pulls him against him, her arms begging for more as they scratch and claw at the back of his shirt only minutes into the session. The Captain gives her what she needs and then rolls onto her.

Before he could even pull her top off the door opens, revealing a blinding bright light that cascades into the room. The Captain and the girl beneath him instantly draw apart in order to see his Best Mate standing there, his hands ringing in worry.

"What do you want Cain?" the Captain asks in annoyance as the girl quickly finds the situation boring and continues to kiss his neck.

"I-I... umm... we have a situation Captain," he says, his eyes adjusting to the scene – not that he'd walked in on the Captain before.

Groaning the Captain pushes the girl off of him gently with sympathetic eyes before jumping off the bed and walking from the room. The bright light outside catches the Captain's eyes straight on, causing him to blink for a few minutes to get adjusted to the abnormal lighting. Seconds later the Captain steers to the right down an empty hallway, the air around his condensing. The closer he got to the deck above him the stronger the humidity outside got to him. It had been a hot day, the sun high in the sky as they'd steered towards the port of this little village outside the ship.

"What was the situation?" the Captain asks as he walks along the hallway, his arms swinging and his feet quickening.

"We found something we thought you would find interesting."

"How so?" he asks, looking over his broad shoulder and down at the teenage boy who walks behind him.

"I think you'd rather see than hear from me, otherwise it'll just ruin your fun," he says, a cheeky side to his tone of voice. The Captain smiles silently, realising his best friends' ways.

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