1. An Unexpected Guest

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"Understood, Cain. Though I don't appreciate it when you walk in on me like that. What have I told you about knocking?" the captain says, doing a 'knocking' motion with his hand to get the point across.

"Yes, well... umm this was kind of urgent," Cain says as they both swerve around another corner in order to come to a set of stairs that leads to the top deck.

"Urgent enough to leave that poor girl up there with no Captain 'Hotness' on top of her?" the Captain says sarcastically. "You saw how badly she wanted me."

Cain rolls his eyes behind the Captains back. "I understand. Though I'd like to understand why you were doing your business on my bed?"

"Your bed is more suitable for those situations, my bed has those stupid wooden frames that just get in the way when things get really heated," the Captain looks over his shoulder and down at Cain, a wink directed his way.
"And I could tell they were going that way, till you and your big nose got in the way!"

"I've already apologised," Cain says, holding his hands up in defence.

"Yeah well you owe me a really clean deck by tomorrow night," the Captain says. At this point in time both boys had reached the short stairs that lead to the top deck. This set of stairs was steep and led onto a short platform in order to open the door.

The Captain by now could feel the heat radiating itself from behind the looming door. Something about it had the Captain's stomach knotting. Whatever Cain had brought him out here for had him both nervous yet excited. Was it a cat? A unicorn? Another beautiful girl in exchange for the girl back in Cain's bed?
Seconds into thinking of numerous ideas of why he'd been interrupted exit his mind when he realises he just needed to find out for himself.

"Is it a unicorn?" the Captain asks, turning around in the middle of the stairs to lock eyes with Cain.

Cain almost bumps into the Captain before stopping himself. He looks up from his feet to look at the Captain in a questioning way, his brow furrowed.

"Excuse me?"

"Is it a white, fluffy unicorn? Because if not... then I suggest you get a handful of my guys to help you clean that deck tomorrow night."

"Unfortunately it's not..."

The Captain grunts in disapproval. He then talks the next few steps leading to the small wooden platform leading to the door. He grabs hold of the door handle and pulls it open, only to see his crew standing around something. The Captain steps out onto the deck, his eyes glaring into each of his crew mates in anger. Had they brought him out here just to mock him? He knew he was drunk, but he was sober enough to realise what was going on.

That was till his eyes fell down on the girl situated in the middle...

Her brown hair was set loose in the soft breeze that surrounds the suffocating heating air. The hairs on the Captain's arms and legs lift up as he studies the girl knelt a little way away. Her brown eyes were drawing daggers into his eyes and something about her had him tensing. Instinctively he reaches for his sword by his belt, but realises it wasn't there.

As the Captain stands there, staring at her all tied up and being held captive on the ground, he couldn't help but realise how pretty she looks, even if she was having a bad hair day.

One of his crew mates cough, before speaking.

"We found her roaming the cabins downstairs, Captain."

"Downstairs?" the Captain says in shock. How had she gotten down there, he wonders.

"Aye," the same person replies.

Cain walks from behind the Captain in order to stand before the girl. The girl grunts in bemoan, her face turning away from Cain as he stands over her, causing a shadow to flow over her features.

"How did you get down there?" Cain asks in an authoritative tone.

The Captain wanted to slap himself in the face as Cain interrogates the distraught girl. Instead, the Captain walks forward and pushes Cain out of the way in order to fulfil his place.

"How did you get aboard my ship?" he asks, pulling down the girls mouthguard as well. The mouthguard was only a piece of loose cloth that had probably torn from one of the crews shirts, but it had kept her quiet for now.

Instead of answering, all she does is kneel before him, her eyes looking up at him in anger. He'd never gotten this expression from a girl before, so it was new for him. How was he going to handle this? He'd never even had an intruder on his ship before!

"I asked you a question pretty girl," the Captain says, his eyes bearing down at her.

The moon was shining high in the sky, staring down at the scene upon the ship at the docks. The whole crew were scattered along the deck, both on the quarter deck and the lower deck and onlooking the scene with hopeful eyes. The Captain was stood before the girl with his black hair reflecting the full moon on his oily hair.

"Go kiss a unicorn's arse!" she eventually says.

The Captain's eyes automatically fly open in shock, only to turn into a frown as a few sniggers from the crew radiate around him. He'd never been told to do such a thing, especially not from a girl! How was he supposed to respond to that?

"Don't test me, you're on my ship, which means that I can throw you overboard to the mermaids anytime," the Captain says with a cunning smile. The crew snicker under their mouths which has the smile on the Captain's face growing wider at the girls reddening cheeks.

"I got lost," she eventually says seconds later. She looks sheepish now and fidgets in her captures grasp.

"What, on your way to the Captain's room for some fun?" Cain says with a cackle. The Captain looks up to glare at Cain, telling him that this wasn't time for joking around. Cain's smile disappears automatically.

"I'm sure that's your reason, but I'm a pirate and quite honestly, I don't buy it!"

"Buy it or not, it's the truth," she says and the she purses her lips. The Captain couldn't believe this girl, who did she think she was!?

"Okay fine but seeing that you've gotten lost on my ship, how about we get you lost even further," the Captain says with a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. The crew roar in laughter and with raised hands while the girl, still knelt there before him, furrows her eyebrows in confusion.
"It means we're going on a little adventure."

The girls cheeks turn pale almost immediately and the purse of her lips vanished abruptly, her lips turning into a worried way. She begins to open her mouth to protest but before she could argue the pirates tie her mouth up once again and then pull her to her feet in order to take her down to the cells below deck.

"For future events, let's just get this straight. I'm the Captain... and you're just a sneaky peasant," the Captain says in the girls ear as she gets carried to the cells.

By now the crew were still roaring in laughter and cheers, but after the girl was dragged downstairs by two crewmen the Captain turns to glare at them all, silencing them.

"Get back to work you scums!"


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