You were currently at your part time job at the library, busy stocking the shelves with history biographies - and autobiographies - when you got the text. At first you ignored it, too busy trying to place the presidents in order of the presidency.

But then a second text came along with it.

Upon looking, you noticed it came from one person - Joe Gatto.

Now, you two were basically sweet hearts. You flirted ever since you could remember and you tried your very best to hide your crush. You guess it came with being a hormonal teenager.

You weren't sure, but you kinda figured he felt the same. The unsure feeling was all it took to keep your feelings hidden.

Well, okay until these texts.

"Will you be my alentine?"

You rose a brow.

"I'll give you the V later." The second text read.

You felt your cheeks tinge red, but you snorted. V? Did he have a-? Then you returned the text.

"But- Joe, you don't have a 'V'."

You paused and sent a second.

"Do you?"

You put your phone in your pocket, shaking your head, and then continued stocking the shelves. Not even two minutes later and you got your reply.

"Omf no. Hush, let's just say it stands for virginity. K?"

Your eyes were wide as you stifled a laugh. You couldn't help it as the laugh escaped and you got glares from readers.

"Sorry." You whispered and shook your head as you responded.

"You're too much, Joe. Of course, I'll be your alentine."

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