"Oh, hell yeah." Murr said with a large smile. He held a basket and proceeded to add random, junk candy into the basket.

Alright, this wasn't the most romantic idea for Valentine's Day, the both of you had to admit, but c'mon? Not everyone could afford those expensive candies.

"Sour patch kids?" Murr asked.

"Yes please."

You asked if you could get your favorite candy and Murr laughed, "It would only be right to."

You continued asking each other whether this candy would do. It lasted for a while and after rounding up your supply, you surprisingly had enough for one box of expensive chocolates.

At that thought, both of you smiled at each other.

"Whitman's Sampler." You both said in unison. Laughing, you grabbed the box and headed to the cash register.

After checking out, the two of you side when entering the car.

"Sampler?" You asked, pulling a chocolate from the box.

"Why not?" He said, opening his mouth. You placed the chocolate in his mouth. You both laughed as he then started the car.

Yes, it wasn't the most romantic, but who could complain? A whole hella lot of chocolate wasn't something to complain about.

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