"Happy Valentine's Day, babe." You said behind a giant bear which you held tightly in your arms. It was so very large that it covered you from where you held in your arms from your waist to your head. (Sal wasn't sure, but he bet it towered over your head a few inches more)

Sal laughed with a smirk, "You shouldn't."

"But it reminds me of you!" You said, peaking from the side of the bear.

"Babe, you really shouldn't have."

You frowned, lowering the bear. "You don't like it."

"No it's just-"

You pouted your lips and gave him puppy dog eyes. He sighed and took the bear, looking rather comical with it in his own arms, "These things are just- Teddy bears are rather childish."

"Childish?" You rose both your brows, "Y'know that's a terrible excuse?"

Sal scowled and rolled his eyes, "Well thank you anyways." He placed a soft kiss to your lips and you practically beamed.


That night you had gone out to get supper for your romantic night. You were hoping a good meal would fully satisfy your boyfriend. When you saw Sal's reaction to the bear, it made your heart fall. You thought it would be the perfect gift! That unselfish-

Upon entering your shared apartment, you shut these thoughts down. Lying on the couch was your boyfriend, snuggled up in the Teddy bear.

Now, if that wasn't the cutest darn thing you've ever seen...

Thinking it was the best time, you pulled out your phone and took a picture.

"Childish, my ass." You whispered and placed a kiss to Sal's cheek.

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