This was the first Valentine's Day for you two, as a couple. And you had to admit, you were nervous. You had only been a couple for about half a year and you were scared you didn't know him as much as you should. Did he prefer fancy candies? Or big stuff animals? Maybe a cheesy card?

Your mind was spinning at what to do?

This is when you find yourself at Walmart, staring at cards in the card aisle. You thought, 'Okay, let's get him a cute card that would surely make his heart flutter. Then we get Whitman's Sampler.' You paused a laughed. 'Priceless. Now, okay. Maybe a bottle of wine? Yes, okay. Last, let's get him a stuffed cat.'

You nodded to yourself.

You looked at the cards and frowned. 'Dammit, was it really this hard??'

Then it hit you. You spotted a card that totally described your relationship. About to pick it up, your hand was met with another.

"Oh, excuse me, sir. I just- Q?"

"(Y/N)?" He narrowed his eyes at you.

"I was just-"

He laughed, "I thought this was the best card."

You felt a flutter in your gut, "Same." Then an idea came to you.

"Do you wanna go buy each other things? Together? I think it would be easier."

You almost could see him sigh in relief. Was he having the same problem?

"Yes, please."

You smiled and placed a kiss to his cheek.

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