Chapter 1

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Niall's P.O.V.
Waking up early is never fun. But waking up to Louis scream is even worse.

"Lou..Lou what's wrong?" Louis just shakes his head and starts rocking himself. "C'mon Lou it's okay. Talk to me I can help."

"I...I had a nightmare a-about you and H-Harry." Oh no, that's never good. "You guys w-were fighting again a-and you pulled out a knife and Haz pulled out a gun a-and you both killed each other."

"Louis calm down. You know that would never in a million years happen. We just bicker that's all, we would never do that." Louis finally calms down when Liam walks in.

"Niall, can I talk to you for like 5 minutes." I nod and get up telling Louis ill be right back.

"You and Harry need to stop. Look at what you guys have done to poor Lou. You know I love you but this has to end. Either you end it or I will, and that's a promise." With that he walks off leaving me there stunned.

Later that day

"Hey Niall. What are into?" I sigh and turn to face Harry.

"None of your damn business." I snap getting ready to walk away when he grabs my waist and my breath hitches.

"See, Niall, it is my business because I'm sure you didn't tell the others where your going." He slowly removes his hand from my waist.

"If you must know I'm going to a bar. Don't wait up on me." I walk away with a little wave.

When I get to the bar I get smashed just a little bit too early. I see a raven-haired bartender.

"Hey sexy, what's your name?" I saw throwing him a wink.

"I'm Zayn. What's yours?" I tell him my name's Niall and slip him my number.

"Don't hesitate to call me. Later, babe." I turn and leave going out the back exit into an alleyway.

"Come on, Drake, we gotta looker."

Just felt the need to update.

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