The lumias cast white light throughout the clinic, their pale glow and the moonlight's blinding together. It is early in the morning, I've been lying in the clinic for hours since Tommy had brought me here and Doctor Maxwell began to check and see if I had a concussion- which I am unsure of how that was determined. After, she bandaged my scraped elbow. She forced Tommy to leave after 7 o'clock, he protested, but when she threatened to knock him in the head with a potion, he reluctantly left. I learned that Doctor Maxwell wasn't really an Elemental. Her parents must have been Elemental for her to know about this side of the world, but she specialized in potion making, Alchemy, instead, such as the one that eased the pain in my head.

Despite how exhaust I feel, I can't sleep. Earlier's events play over and over again in my head, and I'm afraid that if I shut my eyes, the dreams, or the attacker himself, will come back. I try to close my eyes, but images of fire and the attacker creep their way into my sight, so I return to gazing at the ceiling. I can see Cora and the other 2 victims fast asleep on the other side of the clinic, but besides that, the place is empty. The large double doors- but nowhere near as large as the doors to The Hall- are shut and locked, but paranoia tells me that it won't keep the attacker out.

I hear the faint sound of footsteps in the quiet corridor, echoing in the clinic, they would have been impossible to make out if it isn't for the dead silence. I sit up as they near, and I press my back up against the metal bed frame behind me. I hold my breath. It could be anyone, a professor, Doctor Maxwell, or the attacker. I wait, waiting for the doors to open and to see the attacker standing in the shadows. Instead, when it sounds as if the footsteps are just outside the door, they stop.

There is a loud whooshing sound and a gust of wind to my right. I jump away, nearly falling off the bed on the other side. I stare as a figure appears, and I begin to relax when I recognize it. It is only Tommy.

"God, Tommy! You scared me." I say in a hushed voice. For some reason I feel as if I should whisper, that it would be wrong to disturb the silence.

"Oops. My bad." He answers, amusement in his gray eyes.

I finally allow myself to relax, leaning back up against the bed frame again as Tommy sits in the small chair next to me.

"What are you doing here?" I wonder.

"I was making sure you're okay. I felt as if the locked doors wouldn't keep the attacker out."

"It sure didn't keep you out." I mumble, pulling the white blanket up to my chest as I shiver in the cold that seems to linger in the clinic.

"I'm an Air holder, I can travel by wind. The attacker on the other hand, holds fire, which means they are using a less noticeable way to disappear into thin air, such as when Ethan was attacked." Tommy explains.

I sit in silence for a minute, my mind swirling around many different things, but half of them I don't understand.

"Then how come he doesn't just use that power to magic his way out of this school?" I wonder.

"Two reasons. The attacker hasn't finished his mission, and you can't use your powers to 'magic yourself' out of the school. Especially when it's on lockdown."

"I don't know why you're calling him the attacker." I say in a low voice, even though I have thought of him as the attacker earlier. "We both know who it is."

"And that's how it's going to stay." He replies. "We keep this between us. We can't let anyone know."

"Not even Sophia." I agree, though guilty of keeping such a thing from her.

We sit in silence, unsure of exactly what to say. I still find it hard to believe that Levi is the attacker. I remember seeing him on the train for the first time. He was so cheerful and he had revealed to me that nothing was impossible, and showed me magic. I never thought it would end up like this.

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