LEVEL 1• LESSON 8- [a-ni-e-yo] Terms

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In this lesson, you can learn how to say something is NOT something.
Now, let's review. Do you remember how to say "this" "that" and "the/it" in Korean?

[i] = this (near you)
이거 [i-geo] or 이것 [i-geot]
= this thing, this item, this stuff, this fact

= the / that (near the other person)

그거 [geu-geo] or 그것 [geu-geot]
= the thing, the item, that one, it

[jeo] = that (over there)

저거[jeo-geo] or 저것[jeo-geot]
= that thing over there

사람 [sa-ram] means a person
사람 [i sa-ram] = this person, this man here, this lady here, he, she

사람 [geu sa-ram] = the person, that person, he, she
사람 [jeo sa-ram] = that person over there, he, she -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

아니에요 [a-ni-e-yo] = to be not, it is not, you are not
아니에요 [a-ni-e-yo] is the present tense form in the formal language of the verb 아니다 (to be not). So 아니에요 [a-ni-e-yo] means "It's not." "I am not." "You're not." "He/she is not." and etc.

Whenver you want to say that something is NOT something, you can say a subject and 아니에요 [a-ni-e-yo].

NOUN + 아니에요


아니에요. [jeo a-ni-e-yo]
= It's not me.

우유 아니에요. [u-yu a-ni-e-yo]
= It's not milk.

아니에요. [mul a-ni-e-yo]
= It's not water.

If you want to say "This is not milk." "I am not a student." "That's not a park." and etc, you can add a word at the beginning of the sentence.

milk = 우유 [u-yu]
not milk = 우유 아니에요. [u-yu a-ni-e-yo]
This is not milk. = 이거 우유 아니에요. [i-geo u-yu a-ni-e-yo]

student = 학생 [hak-saeng]
not a student = 학생 아니에요 [hak-saeng a-ni-e-yo]
I am not a student. = 학생 아니에요. [ jeo hak-saeng a-ni-e-yo]

liquor = 술 [sul]
not liquor = 술 아니에요 [sul a-ni-e-yo]
That is not liquor. = 저거 술 아니에요. [ jeo-geo sul a-ni-e-yo]

cat = 고양이 [go-yang-i]
not a cat = 고양이 아니에요 [go-yang-i a-ni-e-yo]
It is not a cat. = 그거 고양이 아니에요. [geu-geo go-yang-i a-ni-e-yo]

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