LEVEL 1• LESSON 7- This,That,It

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In this lesson, you can learn how to say "this" "that" and "it" in Korean.
In English, the words "this" and "that" can be used both on their own and to modify words.
In English you can say "This is my car." and also "This car is mine." So the word "this" here can be used as a pronoun and also as a word that modifies "car."
In Korean, however, words for "this" as a modifier and "this" as "this item here" or "this thing here" are strictly distinguished, and the same is true for "that" as well.

[i] = this (near you)

[geu] = the / that (near the other person)

[jeo] = that (over there)

Since 이, 그, and 저 in Korean can only work as modifiers, when you want to say 'this' 'that' or 'it' as pronouns, you have to add the word 거 [geo] or 것 [geot] after these words.

[geo] = [geot] = thing, item, stuff, fact


[i] = this
+ = 이것 [i-geot] or 이거 [i-geo]
= this thing, this item, this one

[geu] = the, that
+ = 그것 [geu-geot] or 그거 [geu-geo]
= the thing, the item, that one, it

[ jeo] = the, that, that ... over there
+ = 저것 [geu-geot] or 저거 [geu-geo]

= that thing over there

You can form various expressions using 이, 그, or 저 along with other words.


사람 [sa-ram] means a person

사람 [i sa-ram] = this person, this man here, this lady here, he, she

사람 [geu sa-ram] = the person, that person, he, she

사람 [jeo sa-ram] = that person over there, he, she


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