Renewed Eight: Stiles

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Wattpad deleted this chapter so I have to write again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     I'm sitting on my bed. I'm still upset about Allison and Scott kissing.

    I hear the doorbell ring, the front door open, the footsteps coming up the stairs. I look up and see Scott standing in the doorway.

      "What's wrong?" He asks.

      "You kissed Allison," I reply.

      "She kissed me," Scott says as he sits next to me. "I told her to meet by my locker after school. I was going to tell her that I moved on. Apparently, she thought I wanted to get back together with her. She kissed me, I pushed her off."

     "How do I know that you're telling the truth?" I ask.

     "Stiles, I loved our first kiss. I loved our date. I loved holding hands with you."

      "Go on."

      Scott smiled. "I love your smile. Your laugh. Your dumb jokes. Your sarcasm. Your smartness. I love the way the you make me feel. The way that you make it impossible for me to concentrate because I'm always thinking of you. I love that you're so protective of your jeep. The way you're protective of me. The way that you love to help the pack, even when it's too dangerous. I love everything about you."

      I start crying again. But happy tears this time.

     I place my hands on either side of Scott's face. I lean forward and smash my lips against his.

      We hear a cough. We pull back and see my dad standing in the doorway.

      "How long has this been going on?" Dad asks.

      "About two days," Scott replies grabbing my hand.
      "Congratulations boys. Dinner's ready."


     Dad's letting Scott stay over even though there's school tomorrow. We're cuddling on my bed.

     "Stiles, will you be my boyfriend?" Scott asks.

     "Yes," I reply with a smile.

      I give him a sweet, long kiss that spills all of my emotions out onto his lips.

      He pulls aways and says, "I love you, Stiles Stilinski."

     I lean my forhead against his. "I love you too, Scott McCall."

Don't worry, it's not over yet. :)

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