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Pen Your Pride

It was nighttime when I reached the opera house. I decided to practice my dance, not minding there were a few people standing around. I did an arabesque, standing on one leg while my other was extended behind my body with my knees straight. I wince a little when I felt a muscle twitch in my right ankle. I ran around on the stage, doing grand jeté on every turn.

“Amazing!” Jean said, clapping. I stopped, panting, and look at the direction of who was clapping. Jean was in the audience with a cigar in his mouth. I walked away from the stage, away from Jean.

“Emily, wait!” I turned around and watch as he got up, tripping over his own foot. I crossed my arms, waiting for him to approach.

“What?” I asked, annoyed.

“I wanted…to apologize for my behavior…” He panted. I turned around and walk to the dressing room to take off my ballet shoes, massaging my right ankle.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Jean.”

“Emily, please…I do love you.”

“Stop it!” I hissed, standing up to push him back. I use the other way to get out of the dressing room with Jean trailing behind me.

“Did the Opera Ghost did anything to harm you?” Jean ask, forcefully turning me around to look at him.

“No, he saved me from you.” I replied, pulling his grip off me.

“Emily, he’s brain-washed you. Marry me, I can help cure it.” I shook my head at his attempt. It was failing.

“I can see you stalking like a predator, I’ve been here before,” I sang, shaking my head at him. I moved to towards the center of the stage, with him following behind.

“Temptation calls like Adam to the apple,” I move a little closer to him, stroking his jaw line with my finger. He seemed to like it. “but I will not be caught.” I dropped my hand away from his jaw line.

“Cause I can read those velvet eyes, and all I see is lies.” I shook my finger at him.


“No more poison killing my emotion,

I will not be frozen

Dancing is my remedy remedy oh.

Stop stop praying cause I’m not not playing,

I’m not frozen.

Dancing is my remedy remedy oh.

Move while you’re watching me

Dance with the enemy

I’ve got a remedy oh uh oh uh oh

Move while you’re watching me

Dance with the enemy

Here is my remedy oh uh oh uh oh.”

I danced around him, never breaking eye contact. My hand came on his chest, pushing him back, causing him to fall back, landing on his backside. He use his elbows to hold his upper body up, smirking.

“Spin me faster like a kaleidoscope

All I’ve got’s the floor.

Yeah you can try but I’ve found the antidote,

Music is the cure.

So you can try to paralyse

But I know best this time.”

I wagged a finger at him, he got on his knees, slowly crawling to me. I pulled him up by his neck collar. Yes, fall for my tricks, you pig….

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