Unnamed pulled Merryn over to a round marble cutout and she stood there as Kar read from a long scroll. The language was a mixture of foreign by words and Latin. The marble slab floated, and Merryn's muscles locked into place. At last it settled. This wasn't as bad as what her imagination came up with. That's what worried her.

She floated to the top of the dome of the vines, in the middle of a circle of chanting Acolytes.

Nothing before bothered her except their bony pointed fingers, that looked as if the flesh had rotted off. Somebody help me anyone. Is what she wanted to say, but her jaw clamped tight. She tried jumping off, kicking, and punching, but she still couldn't move. I take back everything I've ever said about not needing anyone, Parcival I need you, where are you?

Kar floated up on a cutout and stepped over to her. He took his staff and plunged it into the mass of vines.

"Let the transfer begin. Unlock spirit be free, take this vessel. Cast her out, come, and be of power again!"

A searing pain inside her head, and her eyes lost focus. All she could see was a smeary film of red blood.

"Get out!"

She called to the spirits, all of them at once.

"I'm tired of dancing around and putting up with you. You slimy tentacled clingy bloodsucking snot dripping unearthly scheming demented mental asinine cruel psychotic callow narrow-minded gutter-slug!"

She pulled in the cold air cooling her sore throat.

Kar backed away from her, "how is it you're still talking?"

Her body was of fire the searing pain spread to her shoulders and down her arms, and her mind filled with the screams of the angry god.

"That I'm talking will be the least of your worries." How to carry out this threat well, just have to try.

The spirit of Kage answered first, the spell of hidden cloaked her in shadow. At least she hoped she was the pain blocked out all else, and she couldn't feel any coolness spreading.

"I know you are still there as I hadn't released you yet,"

Kar yanked the staff out of the muck and pointed it at her. How is it possible that he could see her?

Next Aetae the wind spirit answered her prayer. The familiar warmth was missing, however she managed to move an inch. It didn't seem that Kar had seen her move. It wasn't wise to ask for more than double normal speed. Still, it wouldn't be needed for long. It would be best to save any energy if the chance came.

Kar pulled out a small scroll from inside his robes.

"Ring-bright!" Fire shot out from the scroll, rolled like a ball and encircled him.

"There you are. You've got your priorities screwed up. Stop this absurdity, It is your destiny to help bring Unnamed back to this world, fighting will only drag the pain out."

She pushed harder and forced an exhausted arm to move to her boot. Her hands darted about as indistinguishable streaks. The spirits must have given an extra boost. She failed to grab the dagger the first few times.

"Why is your hand hovering over your boot?" He shook his head. He twisted the top of his staff, and a shell came out of it.

He talked into it, "Maxwell your help is needed," He tossed it over the edge and it floated down to the hill.

A ball of energy shot over her head from below. Merryn finally wrapped around the handle, and pitched at Kar. She stuck the small dagger into his leg, twisted it and snapped the handle off.

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