Fairy Tail

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The Fairy Tail guild hall was as noisy as ever. Makerov and Gildarts were sitting on the second level of the guild, feeling as bored as they could possibly get.
"I wish something exciting would happen" Gildarts moaned, putting his chin in his hand.
"Now now, don't say that Gildarts. Whenever you or I ever say that then something terrible happens, which gets me into trouble with the Council!" Makerov replied, thinking about all of the times he had been called into the council, mostly because if Team Natsu.
'When are those brats ever going to learn to hold back?' He asked himself.
Suddenly, a bone-crushing amount of magical energy was felt, which caused everyone to stop moving, speaking, fighting, drinking and doing whatever they were previously doing.
"W-What's going on?" Someone in the crowd shouted.
"Why can't I move?" Another voice panicked.
The door were suddenly flung open, revealing a young girl, around the age of sixteen.  She had brown hair and an amber eye. Her clothes consisted of black, with ,occasionally, blue streaks on them.
"I would like to join the Fairy Tail guild" She announced, her voice void of emotion. It was a voice that made warriors like Erza and Laxus to tremble. That wasn't the scariest thing about her though. Other then her magical power, the thing that terrified people the most was he right eye. Well, I can't really call it an eye, as the only thing that was there was a mushy pink patch of skin, that had a scar running through the middle of it. The scar started just above her right eyebrow, going straight through where her eye should be, and it went right across her throat.
'I wonder what happened to her eye and why does she have that scar?'
"W-Why not young one? Mira, go and get the stamp" Makerov stuttered.
Once Mira had retrieved the stamp, she gracefully glided over to where the strange girl was.
"Where would you like it?" The white-haired girl questioned.
"On my right shoulder"
Mira then pressed the stamp into the brunette's arm. When the stamp was removed, the Fairy Tail guild mark was a pitch black colour, with blue tribal markings on it.
"Why does she resemble Acnologia so much?" Gray wondered aloud.
"You know Acnologia?" The 16 year old girl asked.
"Umm... Yes" Lucy replied.
"Why are you here, my child, who sent you here?" Makerov questioned the brunette.
"My master sent me out into the world and my master's master told me about this place. He said that if my master was to ever abandon me, then go to the wizard guild called 'Fairy Tail'. " She answered.
"Who is your master? And why did his master tell you about this place?"
"You already know my master, everyone does, and his master was good friends with the founder, Mavis Vermillion."
"What is your name?" Erza demanded.
"Holly. Holly Dracnologia. I must now bid you farewell, for I have to find a comfortable cave to sleep in" Holly then turned on her heel and disappeared out the doors.
"Hey Metal-head, Wendy, did she smell like death to you?"
"Yes Natsu-San. She smelt like death and chaos."
"Yeah... Wait... WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?"
"Maybe you didn't hear me. I called you Metal- head, Iron-face!"
"That it!!"
And with that, the guild got into one of it's ferocious brawls, with everyone but Mira, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Cana, Nab, Happy and Carla, fighting. The reason for this was that Mira was cleaning cups and doing her job, Wendy and Carla were having a chat, Happy was happily munching on a fish while trying to persuade Carla to have one as well, Lucy was hiding behind one of Cana's beer barrels, Cana was getting drunk, Nab was still picking a job and Erza was deep in thought.
'What do the dragon slayers mean that she smells like death and chaos? What have we done to the guild by letting her join?'

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