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Was at the store with the kids in the cart it was sam's club so Cj was on the left and the newborn Christian was on the right side of the cart in his carseat. The girl was at her friends house for a sleep over. As she was going down the cereal aisle to get some froot loops and frosted flakes she saw Sapphire.

Sapphire:Nice to see you.

Carrie:Sorry I can't say the same for you.

Sapphire:Awe thanks. I just wanna let you know that I'm gonna get Chris and Prince back. So just watch out.

Carrie:Watch out for what. Hunny you're the last thing I'm scared of. Now stay away from our men or things are gonna get bad bitch. *laughs*

Carrie grabbed her cereal and left to the baby aisle the last thing she was worried about was Sapphire.


As the maid was putting up the grocery Carrie had some thighs lingering around in her mind she had just gotten of the phone and she had to make a big decision,but she didn't know which to choose.


He was driving home from work with Dani in the backseat. It was almost 8:00pm and they still haven't ate yet. As Chris was waiting at a red light a car was coming towards him uncontrollably.


Dani exited the car and so did Chris. Dani hurried and tried to run away from the car with her father but as she was running a car came and hit her.

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