Five: Malia

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^^^Let's Build A Sandcastle

     Me, Lydia, and Liam are in Lydia's room trying to come up with a plan to get Scott to like Stiles.

     "Let's use what happened with Liam and Brett," Lydia suggests.

     "Yeah," I agree. "Liam, tell us how you and Brett got together."

     "Okay," Liam says. "I thought I was straight. Brett knew he was bi. Hayden and I had recently broken up. I still liked her and get back together with her. Brett came up to me and kissed me. I really enjoyed it. He asked me if I liked him, I told him that I was confused. Brett told me that if I went on a date with him and I had a bad time, then he would leave me alone about him liking me. If I had a good time, then he could kiss me again. Then, I could decide what happened from there."

     "What happened?" Lydia asks.

     We're both getting interested in Liam's story about him and Brett.

     He goes on. "I had a good time on our date. He dropped me off at my house. Before I went inside, he kissed me. I asked him if we could try a relationship. He said yes. We've been together ever since."

     "Okay. So have Stiles ask Scott to go on a date with him. If Scott has a good time, he decides what happens from there. If he has a bad time, they go back to just being friends," I say.

     Liam nods.

     "Looks like we have a plan," Lydia says with a famous Martin smile.


     The three of us walk down the hallway. We spot Stiles and drag him over to Scott.

     "Stiles has a question to ask you," Liam says.

     "What? No, I don't," Stiles says highly confused.

     "Stiles wants to know if you'll go on a date with him," I say.

     "I-" Scott starts.

     "Hear us out," Lydia says. "If you have a good time, you decide what happens from there. If you have a bad time, the two of you go back to being just friends."

     Scott looks over at Stiles.

     "I have nothing to do with this," Stiles states with wide eyes. "They just dragged me over here."

     We all look at Scott with hopeful eyes, even Stiles.

     Scott hesitants. Then says, "Okay."

     Liam, Lydia, and I all exclaim happily and loudly.

     Our plan is now set in motion.

Next chapter will be the date.

Thanks for reading! <3

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