Chapter 46

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Party day

Today was the party day and I was excited and nervous.
I got up extra early for this day. I had a shower and got changed(outfit on side)

I straightened my hair and did my make up natural. It was only 8 yet and the party started at 12. I grabbed my bag and my car keys and went to the kitchen.

I had a quick breakfast which was cereal. When I was finished I went out the room and downstairs to the lobby towards the reception.

"Excuse me" I asked the guy

"Yes madam" he said

"Do you let pets in this hotel." I asked and he smiled and nodded

"We do and we also have a pet day care when your busy" he said and I smiled

"Ok. I was just wondering because I want to buy a dog. Bye" I said and went outside towards my car.

I drove to restaurant and parked my car when I got there.

I went inside and put my bag down in my office.

The other guys were going to be coming at 10. The guys would be cooking and the girls will be the waiters today. And me well I will be baking the cake today.

I walked out the office to see someone at the front door and the guys walked in.

"Oh you guys are still early" I said and they smiled

"We thought we would come early and help." Nate said and I smiled

"Thank you guys. Your the best" I said and hugged each one of them.

"Let's get started" I said as layla gave me my credit card.


"The decorations are done. The starters are done. The cake is in the oven" I said talking to everyone

"They main courses are nearly done as well" Tom said and I nodded

"Okay then. Everything is done right." I said and they nodded

"They will be coming any moment. And if anyone says anything bad about the food or anything call me. Other than that I will be in the kitchen finishing the cake. And you girls will be waiters. If it's too much call me and i'll help" I said and ruby laughed

"Don't worry liya. Hopefully everything will go okay" she said and I nodded

"You guys are the best. Thank you so much" I said to them and they nodded

"It's okay. We're going to go back to the kitchen" George said and the guys followed him to the kitchen.

"You go as well liya we can do this and if we need your help we will call. I can see the cars parking up" Natasha said and I nodded

"Ok good luck. And I will be out in a couple of minutes when the cake is cooling" I said and ran through the kitchen just as the guests came.

"Ok guys drinks ready right" I asked them and they nodded and put them on a tray.

"Good. I'll be over there with they cake" I said and went to the back of the kitchen.


"Liya we need more drinks and we need help" layla said coming into the kitchen.

"Ok i'm coming. I have finished the cake" I said wiping my hands on the big apron.

I took the apron off and sorted my hair.

"Here you go" Nate said and gave me a tray of drinks

"thanks" I said and walked don't the kitchen to the main room.

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