Four: Stiles

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^^^When did it all stop making sense?

     It's the second day back at school. Scott's ignoring me, but I guess it's okay because I'm ignoring him as well.

     I'm not sure if he's dating Kira or not. I hope they're not dating. I also hope that Allison doesn't come back. If Allison comes back then her and Scott might get back together.

     I wonder if Scott really did enjoy the kiss. I mean, he kissed back. When he kissed me back, I felt like I was in heaven. I wasn't planning on kissing him, but I just couldn't help it. Scott's just too damn adorable.


     It's now lunch time. I'm sitting at a table in the corner. I see Lydia, Malia, Liam, Brett, and Mason walk over to me and sit down.

     "I told these guys what happened the other day," Lydia says.

     "The fact that he kissed back means something," Mason points out. "Whenever a gay or bi guy kisses a straight guy and the straight guy kisses back, it means that the enjoyed it. He wasn't caught up in the moment. He could've pulled away and told you to get out. But instead, he kissed back."

     "How do you know?" I ask.

     Mason makes a face like 'seriously?'

     "I don't know if he likes you back, but he definitely liked the kiss," Liam says.

     "Maybe he doesn't know for sure what his sexuality is. I mean, it's common for teenagers," Malia suggests.

     "You say that like you've been throuh the questioning period," Brett questions more than says.

     "I have. I mean, I'm dating Kira."

     "What!?" I yell.

     "Yeah," Malia says like it's obvious. "You didn't know?"

     "No. I thought that her amd Scott were dating," I explain.

     "Even I knew that," Lydia states.

     "That's because you know everything," Mason points out.

     Lydia shrugs.

     "I thought I was straight," Liam says. "But it turns out that I'm not. If Brett hadn't of made a move, I would still be dating Hayden."

     "I've always known that I'm bi," Brett states. "Well, ever since I laid eyes on Liam."

     "Maybe all he needs is a push in the right direction?" Malia suggests.

     "But Stiles already kissed him," Lydia points out.

     "But maybe he needs something more," Maila says.

     "Like what?" I ask.

     "Just wait and see. We will take care of everything for you," Malia says with a wicked smile.

     I hope her plan works, whatever it is.

What do you think Malia's plan? Do you think it'll work?

Thanks for reading! <3

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