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"Don't play, you know I want to."

Kira kisses his neck then whispers "Then finish."

Scott throws Kira on the bed and kisses her down her body stopping for a minute to bother her.

"Scott." Kira whines.

"Let me take my time."

Kira lays back and Scott continues kissing her spots. Then Kira pulls him up to her and they kiss until she flipped herself on top of Scott. She smiles at his trapped erection and she helps him expose it. She positions herself on top of him so they both experience pleasure. She grinds against him, digging her nails into his back until they both can't take anymore signaled by pleasurable moans. They spend the rest of the night asleep in each other arms.

(The Next Morning)

"Scott I think we need to get up."

"Mm why?"

"Because someone is at the door." Kira says throwing on Scott's shirt.

"Damn can't they just leave us for one day?"

"I guess not."

Scott throws on some pants "Alright we might as well see who it is."

Scott and Kira head downstairs and as soon as Scott opens the door ; a spear comes flying through pinning Kira to the wall.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Scott yells

"They told me they were looking for Kira, she apparently owed them." Theo smiles.

"I will murder you."

"This is karma. Kira has done some bad things and she has never had to pay for her mistakes."

"Are you talking about her not wanting to be with you anymore?"

"I don't care that she broke our sex agreement but I do care that she is annoying to everyone around her."

Scott punches Theo "She has done nothing to you."

Theo laughs "Careful Scotty, she is starting to manipulate you too."

The skinwalkers carry an unconscious Kira out "She is coming with us."

Scott tries to follow them out the door only to be stopped by mountain ash "Wait no please don't take her."

The skinwalkers disappear with Kira.

"Too bad you couldn't save her because of stupid mountain ash." Theo smiles. 


Sorry for the short chapter but I find it hard to write more to this story. Thanks for views and votes. Isn't Scira just perfect? I mean they are just SOOOOO perfect alright this is not the platform for this bye 

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