chapter 1

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A new chapter book hope you love this book and the song.

Lucy pov

It's been ten years since my mom and dad was killed by a monster called a vampire. When I arrived at magnolia college I seen a guy walk by me. When I walked into my dorm I had a room mate she said "your my room mate my name is levy." I said "my name is lucy." We sat and talked then I ask "I seen a guy with pink spiky hair." Levy said "that's natsu dragneel." I asked "do you know anything about him." She said "no he's a unsolved mystery he never fall's for anyone so no one talks to him but erza dose." I asked "do you know where I can find her." She said "yea."
Then I went to her dorm I was a little scared. When I knocked on her door he was alone erza said "yes." I said "can I ask you about natsu." She said "come in." I asked "can you tell me about him." She said "he's mom and dad were killed by his brother which is a vampire " I looked at at her shocked I whispered "him to." She said "you should talk to him." I said "ok."

Hope you loved this chapter and the song.

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