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When I wake up I find myself in bed with Nickola.

How I got here is beyond me. The last thing I remember is slowly letting my eyelids droop shut. But that happened in the chair across the room. How did I get from a chair to the bed over night. I must have done something , I just can't remember it. When I look down Nickola is clinging to my arm, my arm that is firmly wrapped around her waist. She cuddles more into me and I can't comprehend why she would let us sleep with her. Then I remember the way she kisses back yesterday and it is only feels righr for her to want us close to her. She doesn't want us away from her and that makes me excited inside.

As I look over her petite body I see all the smalle hairs rise on her arm as I graze my fingers over her untainted skin. As I lead my fingers lower gliding them over her hip I notice her little shorts riding up her bum. The soft material accentuating the round curve of bottom making it even more appeasing to my eye. My fingers have a mind of their own as they trace her bottom. My fingers pinch the firm skin between my index and thumb watching as it moves subtly back in place.

As she moves back I can't take my eyes away from the way her bum nestles perfectly over my bulge. I don't know how much self control one man can have. She is perfection in everyway. It would be a blessing to ruin her in all ways. The more I think about it the more I feel the blood rush to a certain prominent region.

It's hard not to think about taking her right here. Right now. Wake her up with a little surprise for her. Make her feel so fucking good she can't help but want more. But I have to think about my brother not just my needs. If I taint her we will never get free. We need her. The painful hard on in my pants agrees as I feel my self leak a bit into my briefs. A little rub won't taint her innocence. Especially if she doesn't know. Right? It'll just be a little rub, something to take the edge off then I'll stop.

I hesitantly press my bulge against her. The moment I feel some of ache being relieved I know I can't stop. I need to feel her even if she os clothed. I press a little more into her bum relieving the pressure that has built up. My mouth involuntarily opens. It feels to good to stop now. Her ass is perfect. I can just see her bent over the table for me. Taking me in the worse way. Begging for me to never stop. To fuck her. To fuck her until she cums all over my cock. Over and over and Over again. I want to make her cum so hard. Until I see her dripping all over me making me slippery and wet, making it easy for me to push back into her warm walls.

The more thoughts I have the harder I rub against her. When a groan leaves my mouth she stirs in her sleep pushing her bum even further against me. "Fuck baby." I say out loud. Rubbing harder than ever chasing my orgasm. I grip her hips tighter while the other runs through her hair. I know she is sleep but until the night comes I know this is the closest I'm going to come to fucking her on my own.

I lean to her ear as rub my cock against. "You like that baby huh?" I whisper in her ear making me edge closer to my overwhelming ending. "You like when daddy rubs his cock on your ass. Don't you baby." I smack her ass lightly. Damn even like this she feels so heavenly. I can feel my balls tighten the longer I go. I just need a little more.


And that's it. That's when I lose it. The sound of her voice sending me into a streaming euphoria that racks my body to its soul. The very core of me erupts into bliss and zenith. I've never felt something so strong. A string of curse words radiate in the air. My head fuzzy and warm as I come down from my high. "Fuck Nickola , Fuck , Fuck , Fuck." I ride out the rest of my high riding against her a little more. Tired out I lay in the crook of her neck kissing it lightly as I let my body settle down.

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