Meet Darkness

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*Imigie's POV*

"Josh!" I cried happily as I ran to him.

"Hey Imigie," he called as he opened arms, ready for a hug.

Josh: Hannah and Beth's brother. Also Imigie's boyfriend.
Complex, thoughtful, loving

I went to hug him then he hugged me back.

"I like your hair," Josh compliment on the blue streaks against my jet black hair.

"Thanks bro," I said as I elbowed him on the arm.

Josh looked rather a bit confused. He eyed me in a confusing manner.

"Bro?" he wondered. "I'm your boyfriend."

"It's just something natural for me," I replied. "I'm so used to it."

Josh turned his confused expression into a smile.

"I gotcha," he replied, laughing.

It felt so good to see him again even though I saw him just yesterday. When I last came to the lodge, he was my best friend. Now, he was my boyfriend. Completely different for me but I didn't care.

I turned behind me and saw Emily.

"Hey Em," I said kindly.

"Hey girl," she replied while smiling.

Emily: Mike's ex
Intelligent, resourceful, persuasive

She came to hug me and I hugged her back.

"How are you doing?" Emily asked.

"I'm okay but it's been tough," I replied rather sadly. "It's still gonna take time."

"Don't worry," Emily replied before she stood by the trees.

I turned again and saw Matt standing there looking rather pissed and pained.

Matt: Emily's new boyfriend
Motivated, ambitious, active

I didn't want to bother him so I let him be but whatever was going with him, I felt bad.

I suddenly saw Ashley come to us, looking rather cold.

"Hey Ash," I said trying to sound happy.

"Hey Imigie," she replied happily.

Ashley: Has a crush on Chris
Academic, inquisitive, forthright

"You okay?" Ashley asked. "You sound kind of sad."

I knew she would say that. The sadness in my voice was hard to ignore.

"Not really," I replied. "It's hard but I'll make it."

She gave me a hug and I hugged her back just before I heard more footsteps. It was Sam.

I decided to go the cabin door which Josh and suddenly Chris were already there.

"Dammit," Josh groaned. "This freaking thing."

"It's iced?" Chris asked.

"What else?" Josh questioned.

"That's bad news," I added.

"She's right," Josh told Chris.

"There's gotta be a window around the corner we could get through," Chris said.

I knew exactly what Chris was thinking. He may have been totally on with this idea but I was more skeptical.

"Wait, are you saying we should break in?" Josh sounded surprised.

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