I Hate You

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"Madison I- what the he11 is going on!?" Justin screams bursting through my door.
I jump up, kicking Ethan off of me. He groans, looking at me and then Justin.

Justin looks like he could kill someone. "Justin I-" I stop talking as he stomps towards the bed. "I told you to stay away from my sister." He growls picking Ethan up off the bed by the collar of his T-shirt.

Ethan smiles, "relax. She's going to be my sister soon too, I was just being a good big brother." He says making no attempt to get Justin off of him. Justin throws him back down on the mattress before turning and stalking towards me.

"Justin stop I- JUSTIN PUT ME DOWN! STOP IT!" I scream kicking my legs and pounding my fists on his back. "Put me down! Oww Just. Stop comon." I beg, as he carries me away from my bed and out of the room. "Justin you're hurting me!" "Hey. What's wrong with you? Let her go." Ethan says coming out of nowhere.

"You keep your mouth shut." Justin growls his nails digging into my skin. "No. Leave her alone. You @$$. " " I'm warning you. " justin says the two of them face to face, as I'm just hanging upside down.

Hey! What's going on up there?" Dad calls, all three of us don't move. My dad comes to the steps. "Justin put your sister down and someone tell me what's going on." My dad commands.

Justin puts me down. His nail still digging into my hips. "I walked into Mads' room and found them sleeping together "Justin grumbled his hands tightening on my hip. "What!?" I screech stepping away from him. He did not just say that.

He knows why saying that is just mean
He can't be serious. "I hate you." I spit pushing him away from me and running to my room before the tears start to fall.

Why would he say something like that? Its his stupid fault he didn't apologize, no all he had to do was come and hold me in his arms. Thats all I ever want, but no... He didn't Ethan did!

"You two leave your sister alone." I hear my dad say, "she not his sister." I hear Justin grumble. "Yeah, I know." Ethan says, I can hear the smirk in his voice. "If you ever touch her again I will kill you." Justin's voice is low before he throws Ethan against the wall.

"BOYS!" My dads voice booms "knock it off. Justin you sleep with your sister every night, we both know why." My dad says. "Yeah, we do. But I'm her brother, it's different. He is a stranger. I don't want him Anywhere near my sister. " "well he's going to be part of this family soon enough. As far as I'm concerned he already is. You better  get on board and GO apologize to your sister. " my dad sighs

Justin says a couple profanities under his breath before theres shuffling and then a knock on my door.

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