Chapter 6- Sebby

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Chapter 6- Sebby

After managing to escape Dylan's wrath I run to my locker and get out my books for the next lesson.

Honestly, I'm such an idiot. Who the hell slaps Dylan Thompson then knees him in the *cough* and gets away with it?


Someone comes up behind me and whispers "boo" in my ear and I almost scream. I spin around and let out a breath of relief when I realize that it is just Sebastian.

"What do you want Sebastian?" I ask, irritated that he scared me shitless.

Sebastian grins brightly and innocently, "Sebby, call me Sebby."

"Okay, what do you want Sebby?" I say. "Uh, well, I came here to ask of you wanted to come to my party?" Sebastian scratches the back of his neck and my eyes wonder to his amazing biceps that are flexing. Yummy.

"Party? I don't know..." I have never been to a party before and from what I've seen on T.V it never ends well. But wow, Sebastian McLain is inviting me to his party. Wow.

"Please Mai? For me? Its my birthday." Mai? I like it. Better than nerd. Sebastian pouts and I turn to mush. How can someone be so sexy and so adorable at the same time? Its truly beyond me. He grins and brushes a hand through his dark brown hair and I can't resist it,

"Fine, but why?" I ask, pouting back at Sebastian. His grin widens and he wraps me in his muscular arms. Can I stay here forever? "Thanks Mai, because you slapped Dylan and it was freaking brilliant." Sebastian says, "The party is tomorrow night at my house. I'll text you the details." He let's me go "I'll pay you to slap him again?" he says and I laugh but shake my head. I'd do it again for free. "Bye Mai." he says and walks away.

"How are you going to get my number?" I shout as he walks down the hall. "I'm Sebastian McLain, trust me, I'll get it!"


Mr Michaelis, 8:38pm: 360 Hampton Court, Glenmore. Starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm till' whenever. Bring your gorgeous smile ;) - Your Bae, Sebby!

Wow, his display name is Mr Michaelis... As in Sebastian Michaelis... As in the black butler? So he watches that black butler, to be honest I didn't see that coming.

How the hell did he get my number though?

"Maya! Supper is ready!" My mom shouts. I shut my book, looking for Alaska, and stomp downstairs in my light blue Pajamas.

As I sit at the table with my mom and dad in silence I stare at the lasagne on my plate. I'm pretty sure it is... Green?

I look up at my dad, he has light brown hair like me and matching brown eyes and my mom has long black hair and blue eyes. I've always wanted blue eyes, they are so pretty. "So mom, is it okay if I go to a party tomorrow night?" I ask, breaking the silence. My mom looks so shocked at my question that she almost falls off her chair, "What?" She shouts. My dad grins from ear to ear, "A party?"

My parents reaction is exactly what I expected. My mom always freaks out and my dad is like a buddah that doesn't care about anything except horse racing. I never go to parties or out at all for that matter so when my mom basically falls off her seat, I am not too shocked.

My mom refuses but my dad soon convinces her to say yes but then she bombards me with questions. I explain everything to her and once I am done, I go straight up to my room and flop down onto my bed. I see a text pop up on my phone and open it,

UrFavR3dhead, 9:55: Hey Maya, its Ruby. U going 2 Sebs party 2morrow?

Ruby? How the heck did she get my number too?

Me, 9:56: yep

Sorry I'm not good with conversations, okay?

UrFavR3dhead, 9:56: Thank god! None of my friends were invited so I thought I had nobody. Can you maybe come with me, please?

Me, 9:56: Yeah, sure. Come to my house at 3 tomorrow and we can get ready together ;)

UrFavR3dhead, 9:57: Eeeeep, thanks Maya! I owe you! Xxx see you tomorrow :*

Hmm, maybe I have a chance of coming into contact with actual humans again.

About time.

I switch off my phone and roll over in my covers.

Damn it, stupid Dylan fucking Thompson will be at that party.

Maybe it's a big party because Sebastian is really popular and so Dylan won't see me? Yes, let's pray.


Above is le photo of le Sebastian McLain *whispers* so sexxaaaay *fans self and walks away* Ayee papi!

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