Chapter 45

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I woke up as normal and got dressed quickly.(outfit on side). I left my hair open and grabbed my bag and my car keys and went downstairs to the lobby.

I drove to the restaurant to see the guys outside.

"Hey guys. I'm on time today" I said letting them in.

"Yeh. The girls have gone to get the ingredients so we could try to make the food." Tom said and I nodded

"We will make half the menu today and i'll help because I love baking so i'll make the desserts" I said and they nodded just as the girls came back.

"That was quick" Nate said and Natasha laughed

" alot of the employees helped us. The store was quiet so they helped us get everything together" she said bringing the bags into the kitchen.

"You guys can leave at 2 today" I said getting the things out the bags

"Oh why" layla asked

"I'm meeting my friend today and I don't want you guys to do all the work alone" I said and they smiled

"Your a good boss you know." Ruby said and I laughed

"I'm not your boss. I'm your New friend" I said and they laughed

"So are you guys all related or something" I asked and they laughed

"Me and Natasha are siblings. And George and ruby are dating and Tom and layla are dating as well" Nate said and I raised an eyebrow

"Oh wow so we have couples here. How long have you guys been together. If you don't mind me asking" I said mixing the ingridients for the mini cakes

"We have been together for 4 years and these two have been together for 5 years" Tom said and I smiled

"Woah you all look cute together" I said and they nodded and started helped me.


"Okay bye. See you guys tomorrow" I said to everyone and closed the door behind me

"See you later" they all said and left.

I locked the door behind me and went to my car and started it.
I pulled the paper out and typed the address in my GPS and started driving.

When I got there, I parked my car outside the cute house and got out. I walked towards the door and rang the bell.

"Liya you came" Skylar said opening the door

"You invited me" I said following her inside as she laughed

"Jorden liya is here" she shouted and Jorden ran downstairs and hugged me tightly

"need....air..." I said and he let me go

"Sorry. I just missed you so much. There was no one to call me James bond and nobody got the joke" he said throwing his hands in the air and I laughed

"I missed you too James" I said and he laughed

"Look she gets it" he said looking at skylar

"I don't" she said sighing and I laughed

"you guys make a cute couple" I said and Jorden kissed skylar's forehead

"I make her look good. Right baby" jorden said smirking at skylar and she pushed him away.

"Come on liya. I made dinner" she said and I followed them to the dining room where everything was kept on the table.

"The others are busy and I didn't know if you were going to tell them or not so I didn't tell them" skylar said sitting down on the table.

I sat on the chair with them and shook my head at her.

"No I don't mind if they see me. I'm going to meet them one day right" I said and skylar nodded

"Okay lets eat" she said and we started eating pasta.

"Shall I tell you about Carlos. You didn't even let me finish in the shop" skylar said and I sighed

"What happened anyway between you guys. Carlos didn't tell us much. All he said was that you guys stopped talking" Jorden asked and I sighed

"We were still talking after a year I left. And then I tried calling him but he never picked up. And our last talks were always short. We would just say hi and then it would be awkward. And then after a few tries I stopped calling him. And he never called back. And its been 5 years now" I said and Jorden nodded

"Carlos doesn't understand. He has got a girl.."Jorden said but got cut off by my phone ringing

"Sorry" I said and I looked to see it was layla

"One second" I said and picked it up

Me: hey layla is everything okay

Layla: yeh sorry for calling you but you left your card with me and I didn't know where you live to send it back

Me: oh its okay layla. It's for work anyway so you can give it to me tomorrow at work okay

Layla: are you sure?

Me: yeh

Layla: okay sorry for disturbing you

Me: it's okay bye I said and hanged up and turned to skylar and jorden who were talking with their eyes.
That's not weird I thought

"Is everything okay" I asked and they sat up

"Yeh who was that" skylar asked and I nodded

"That was layla one of my employees. I left my credit card with her and she didn't know where I was living to give it back" I said and Jorden smirked

"You have your own business. What is it" he asked eating

"A restaurant. You should come when it opens" I said and he nodded

"When does it open" skylar asked

"It opens on Saturday but it's only for a party and then after that you can come" I said and they nodded

"Sure" they said and we finished eating.

I'm glad and upset that I didn't see Carlos today I thought sighing
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