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Elsa's POV

Hi! I'm Elsa Elizabeth Arendelle! I'm 16 years old. I am a 4th year high school student from Wesolton school.

My life is not one of those fairy tails that everyone has. I'm more like the princess WANNA BE.

I'm the opposite of a princess. I'm more like a male.
I fit in with the boys more often rather than of the females.

Well, I was bullied by these girls that said I was trying to be flirty with the boys. And Jack, my best friend came to the rescue!

Jack and I became so close that he invited me to hang out with all the guys in school.

And because I am ONE OF THE BOYS, I changed myself.

I threw away my feminine side and went to the male version.

I wore skinny jeans, sky blue sneakers, and my dark blue T-shirt. I wore my hair in a high ponytail, that everyone knows that it is my signature style.

I always get asked by my sister and her girl gang to hang out with them.

Which I would totally love to!

But jack is like a boss! More like a father! He does not want me joining them!

Since I wanna be a good friend to my best friend, I ignored the girls' offer and hang out more with the guys instead.

They all call me "the girl he never noticed"

I don't even know what that means!

But there is a question creeping trough my spines up to my brain.

What is love?

I have never experienced it once. So it means I would have a hard time answering that for the rest of my awesome life.

Currently, I am walking down the highschool hallway looking for my locker.

The guys said ' hi ' to me. And the girls despised me as I walked passed through them.

They are just jealous that I hang out with their boyfriends all the time!

Not flirting! Hanging out!!!

Finally I made it to my locker and opened it. I got my heavy hard bound books and locked my locker.

When I look behind me I saw the guy with the only silvery white hair matched with perfectly colored cyan blue eyes.
Non other than my best friend.

"hey Elsa!" he smiled.

"hey frostbutt!" I teased.

"wanna hang out in my house tonight?" jack asked.

"why?" I muttered.

"mom said I need to invite you for dinner genius!" jack chuckled.

"what's the meal?" I pointed trying to guess what it is in my mind.

"your favorite carbonara! Made by your one and only frostbutt! And chocolate pudding by Mom!" jack smiled.

I fist bumped the air.

"sure!" I smiled. "I'm totally coming!"

When suddenly, a notebook came flying in the other side and it hit jack's head.

Jack winced as he rubbed the back of his head. He looked at who threw it and I did too.

We saw Toothiana!

"SO DOES IT HURTS?!" she stomped her way through the crowd and towards us.

"uh.. No!" jack said to her like he felt nothing.

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