Seems like all I really was doing, was waiting for you...

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It was a hot day in February 1968. The Beatles along with their wives, girlfriends, assistants and numerous reporters travelled to Rishikesh, in northern India, to attend an advanced Transcendental Meditation training session at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

John walked out of his and Cynthia's hotel room, closed the door behind him and made his way over to the door of the hotel room next to his. This was the room Paul shared with Jane.

Cynthia was away following an meditation session so John felt alone and decided to visit his secret lover. A big smile appeared on John's face just thinking about Paul.

While he walked over there his smile slowly disappeared, cause he could already hear the yelling coming through the door.

"JANE!!" he heard Paul yell "Come back here!!! Don't you walk out on me like this!!!"

"Oh SHUT UP PAUL!!!!" Jane yelled back "It's not all about YOU!! I have a career too you know!! And I'm going down to the reception to call him back without you whining about, right now!!!"

"But....JANE!!!" Paul yelled and John could hear a desperate tone in his mates voice "A few more minutes! Please! Don't leave me alone like THIS?!!!"

Then he heard Jane yell "Let go of me Paul!!" followed by the loud sound of a slap.

"OUTCH!" John heard Paul whine "What was that for?!"

John suddenly heard Jane's voice very close meaning she was standing on the other side of the door by now "You can help yourself perfectly fine now CAN'T YOU?!" he heard now and John saw the doorknob moving.

"FUCK YOU!!" he heard Paul yell with a broken voice.

"YOU WISH!!!" Jane yelled back and then the door yanked open so hard it made John jump.

"Uh...hello there Jane..." John said not too enthusiastically.

"John...." Jane nodded her head and turned around one more time towards the hotel room.

"JOHN'S HERE!!" she yelled into the room, but there was no response. So Jane shrugged her shoulders and walked past John, pushing him out of her way angrily.

John watched Jane storm off and walked into the bedroom but didn't found Paul there.

Through the thin white curtains he could see Paul's silhouette outside on the balcony.

He slowly walked towards the balcony and quietly slipped through the curtains to find Paul standing there leaning forward with his arms on the railing of the balcony.

He was in deep thoughts while smoking a ciggie and John wondered what he was thinking about.

John stared at Paul and was again amazed by the beauty of Paul. His white smooth skin and his beautiful dark locks of hair blowing a little in the wind and falling a little over his angelic face.

He watched Paul's hair dancing in the wind and he could smell the scent of his shampoo coming from it. John noticed it was still a little wet so he must have just finished his shower.

"Lovely..." John thought to himself. He loved Paul's scent. Especially after a shower. His sweet scent always made John's head spin and want to hold him close and mostly more than just holding him.

He heard Paul sigh a little and John smiled at the fact that Paul still hadn't noticed John standing behind him, watching him.

Paul was wearing a long white silk bathrobe and it looked so sexy on him.

John slowly walked over to Paul and when he stood right behind him he slowly put his arms around Paul's waist and kissed the back of his neck.

John took a deep breath to inhale Paul's lovely scent.

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