Sanity or Reality

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I hear the pleasant calming beeps of the hospital machines.

I breathe in and out. I clarify that I'm still myself, living self. As I breathe I feel a sharp pain from my abdomen. My sight is a little blurry, so is my memory.....I don't remember anything. The hospital smells like floor cleaner. It reminds me of my old home. Tears stream down my face. I haven't given up. I want to. But I want to. I will. My eyes feel heavy and start to close. A loud beeping starts, it's my heart monitor. I see myself in a bed high above the room. Nurses and Doctors are surrounding me. They try to get my heart starting again....they're too late.....Some strange energy forces me into a new body. I'm smaller than I imagined. I slowly open my eyes, there's someone holding me. I'm guessing I'm in a new body. Hopefully my old memories get lost in new ones. I hope she has a better life. Maybe I'm going insane. Or is it the true reality.

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