The night

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( 5 months later)

Sam p.o.v

I woke up from the sweet scent of blood, I smirked then I stood up and went to see who's blood is it.

The sweet scent of blood I smell was coming from the kitchen when I look who is it, It was Scarlet.

Her finger was bleeding then I went inside "Scarlet are you okay?...what happen?" I ask her then she face me and said "I'm okay I just accidentally cut myself" she tried to give me a smile then I went to the cabinet and took 1 bandage then I went to scarlet.

Her finger had to much blood on it "Sam its okay...I'm fine" she said to me then I look at her straight in the eyes and said "Its okay with you...but...its not okay for me, so please just let me help you"."Okay do what you like to do...your my boss anyway" she said to me.

Her finger had to much blood on and I can't help but smell the sweet scent of blood (It won't hurt a little if i just lick it) I said it on my mind then I grab her hand then started to lick it. God she taste so good.

Scarlet p.o.v

I look at Sam who was licking my bloody finger (Why is he licking my finger?) I ask myself then when he finish licking my finger clean he put the bandage on my finger then said "Okay...your finger stop bleeding...and don't question me okay"."Okay" then he went to his room (How does he know that?) I ask myself but I just forget about it and made breakfast.

Sam p.o.v

When I went inside my room I lay down on my bed I can still taste Scarlet blood it was so good her blood taste really good...(I want more) then I snap out of it and I stop thinking of her blood.

Scarlet p.o.v

It was 6:00 p.m and I finished my work Sam left me alone in the house and his not coming home by midnight.

Then I decided to go out for a long walk in the city, I put on my jacket and went outside.

I know this was very dumb of me but its so fun to walk around in the city alone.

-1 hour later-

When I was walking 2 guys started to following me, Then I started to run away from them "GET HER!" I heard one them shuted.

Sam p.o.v

When I was in the city I heard "GET HER!" then I turn around and saw "Scarlet" 2 guys where chasing her then I follow them.

Scarlet p.o.v

It was a dead end there was no escape for me "Now we got you!" I heard one of the man said to me.

I move back from them and I close my eyes and shuted " SAM HELP ME!!!" Then I started to cry,

"Haha, Nobody will hear you and Shut up or we will-

"Or you will do what to her!?" They where cut of from someone, Wait a minute I know that voice! Sam!

When I open my eyes a saw Sam "Listen here you let her go and I'll let you live" sam said to them but they just laugh and said "Haha, Listen here kid we want her and there's nothing you can do ABOUT IT!" then they try to punch him but all of a sudden Sam disappear "where did he go" one of the man said then all of a sudden sam was behind her back.

Sam p.o.v

I was behind their backs then I punch one of them and he fell to the ground unconscious.

The other man said to me "What the hell are you!?" then I punch him too and he fell to the ground.

I went to Scarlet but before I can do anything *Bang* One of them shoot me on my arms.

Scarlet p.o.v

sam was hit in the arm but he pick me up bridal style and we run away from them.

I can't believe that sam run really fast like lightning fast and his arms are really cold like ice then I look at him in the eyes and his eyes turned red.

My eyes where wide open because SAM WAS A VAMPIRE but even though his a vampire he was nice to me and he just save me too.

I fell in love with sam.

Sam p.o.v

I was injury and I was hungry for blood but I can't drink her blood because I fell in love with her.

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