Alec and Jane Come To Mine and Nessie's Room

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-That Night-

I am siting on my bed reading then I heard something. I looked up and saw Alec and Jane. Jane looked around.

"Nice room" She said.

"Thanks" I said.

I look at my clock. It said 10:15. I signed. 

"Well, I need to go to bed" I said.

Jane and Alec nodded. Then Jane left but Alec didn't. He looked at me. Then he grabbed my waist as I stand up. I gasp scared. 

"Scared" Alec whispered in my ear.

I nodded. He grins. Then he grabs my chin. He looks in my eyes. Then there was a knock on my door. Alec quickly left. I walked over to the door and opened it. It is Dad. 

"Hey was Alec and Jane in here" He asked.

I nodded. He signed.

"Well, ok" He said.

"Well, I'm tried so I'm going to bed" I said.

"Ok. Goodnight" He said.

"Goodnight" I said.

Then I closed the door. I turned and saw Nessie awake. She looked at me. 

"Hey" She said.

"Hey are you surposed to be sleeping" I asked going to my closet and grabbing my night clothes.

"Yeah. But Dad woke me up" She said. Then she lade back down and fell asleep. I put my night clothes on. Then I lade down on my bed. After that I heard something again. I looked over at Nessie. She sat up too. We looked around the room and saw Alec. Nessie signed.

"Really" She asked.

Alec opened his mouth to say something but got cut off by Jane.

"Alec wanted to watch Rose sleep. So he can keep her safe" She said.

"Well, that's not creepy" Nessie said.

I giggled so did Jane. Alec rolled his eyes. Then he walked to me. He lade down on my bed with me. Nessie signed. Then she lade back down and fell asleep. I lade back down. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

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