Chapter 44

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I woke up to my phone ringing and I picked it up.

Mary: Liya where are you. The employees are waiting for you outside the restaurant

Me: what already?

Mary: it's 12 of clock liya*sighs*

Me: oh shit okay bye I said and hanged up quickly and ran to the shower.

God that bed was so comfy

I had a quick shower and got dressed.(outfit on side)
I left my hair open and wore a coral lipstick and grabbed my bag and car keys and ran out the penthouse. I took the elevator downstairs and ran out the lobby towards my car.

I drove to the restaurant and when I got there they're were 6 people waiting outside.

I got out and locked my door and ran towards them.

"I'm so sorry guys." I said and opened the door as everyone walked in.

"It's okay" a guy said and I smiled

"So my name is Rosaline but you can call me liya" I said closing the door behind me and turned to everyone.

"I'm Natasha, this is Nathan. George, Ruby, Tom and layla" a girl with brown hair and brown eyes said to me

"Right. So we have an offer for a birthday party and it's big one. And I want to decide the menu's with the cooks while the rest, you can familiarise yourself with the place" I said smiling at them.

"Ok" George said and the guys followed me to the kitchen and we sat down on a table in the corner.

"So do you guys know what 22 year old like in New York" I said and they laughed

"Hopefully we do. But has she give you any suggestions on what she wants in her party." Nathan asked

"Your good at this Nathan" I said and pulled out the envelope from yesterday

"It's just Nate" he said and I nodded

"So here is a paper on how she wants everything" I said handing them the paper.

"Woah. That's a lot of suggestions" Tom said and I laughed

It was 5 now and I sent everyone home. We had come up with a menu and just by reading it, it made me hungry. I had sent the girls to go and get decorations for the party and they came back with lovely stuff. I loved working with these guys.

I had just locked the door to the restaurant and turned around and saw a shop selling éclairs and cupcakes.
I crossed the road and went inside towards the counter

"Hi can I have 4 cupcakes and 6 éclairs please" I said to the guy and he nodded

"A small get together with your friends" he said putting them in a box.

"You could say that" I said and paid him

All for myself really I thought smiling

"Here's your change" he said handing me $5 dollars

"Thanks" I said and turned around to see skylar walking threw the door.

"Liya...." she said looking at me shocked

"Heyy" I said awkwardly as she hugged me

"Hey watch the food" I said and she laughed

"It's been so long. Sit down" she said and we sat down in a booth at the front.

"When did you move back" she asked

"Yesterday" I said and she nodded but then frowned

"Why did you stop talking to me. I tried calling you but you never picked up" she said crossing her arms and I sighed

"Changed my number" I said cheekly and shrugged

"Are you staying here or are you moving back" she asked

"I'm staying. So how are the others" I asked and she smiled

"They are all good. Kyle and Brandon are together. I never knew Brandon was gay as well" she said

"Oh yeh. I always knew they would be together. How's Jorden" I asked and she smiled

"He is okay. He is really funny" she said and I smiled

"You know he likes you right" I said and she smirked

"Likes liya that was ages ago. He proposed to me on the last day of college. He is my fiancée now" she said smiling and I nodded

A lot has changed I thought

"How's megan" I asked and she smirked

"You mean Carlos" she said and I shook my head

"The whole family then" I said and she smiled

"Well megan and kayden are perfect. Cristian got married and has a baby girl. She's so cute and she only 2 years old. Nick and luke are fine as well. They are 19 years old and nick is a player. And luke is okay. He has a girlfriend of 4 years." She said smiling

"Ok thats good. Listen I need to go" I said getting up

"Don't you want to know about Carlos" she asked and I shook my head

"Another time."I said got my bags

"Where are you living now" she asked standing up with me

"At a hotel. It's called Anderson's. " I said as she followed me out

"You can stay with me and Jorden" she said and I shook my head

"No its okay I like staying there" I said and she nodded

"Well I want you to come to my house tomorrow. And I don't want to here a no. Here is the address bye" she said handing me a paper and walked off

Okay then. I thought and sat in my car

I hope Carlos is not there I thought driving
Hey guys
Hope you like this chapter
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So shes met skylar. When will she meet carlos...and a few new people



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