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*Willow's POV*

"Everyone get a partner. It has to be boys with girls this time!" My Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Miller instructed. I didn't like any of the guys in this class. They were all annoying, so I just sat back, waiting to see who didn't have a partner at the end.

Everyone was paired after a minute or two. I looked around and saw one person without a partner.

"Willow!" Mrs. Miller exclaimed. She saw me without a partner, then looked at the only other person without a partner, "Luke! You two will be partners since you're the last two that aren't paired up."

"Ugh, fine," I whispered underneath my breath. I smiled at Mrs. Miller, then at Luke, "great!"

Luke just looked at me, rolling his eyes. He sighed, "yeah, sure."

"Now for the introduction to the project!" Mrs. Miller smiled, and she grabbed papers off of her desk. Luke slowly made his way over to me. He grabbed a paper from Mrs. Miller as he sat next to me.

"So we're partners-" he began while I looked at the introduction to the project.

"No way!" I exclaimed quietly in frustration with the project we would be doing.


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