{ 1 }my best friends hot. O and did I mention we're having an arranged marriage!!!

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I looked up everything so the names are common Indian names.


Her parents died when she was 10 and she has been bounced around from family to family. Her life has become more stable since she moved in with her current family. She has lived with them for 3 years and this year will be her 18th birthday (it's not for a 5-6 months). They are Indian (from India) and they want her to have an arranged marriage. She doesn't object because they are kind to her and are the closest thing to family she has. This is another reason she doesn't want to get close to anyone, she is getting married.

Her first year living with the Soman's, she didn't talk to anyone. She doesn't want to get close to anyone because she is afraid of them leaving or not truly loving her. She started talking to Henry and they became friends. Henry introduced her to Will (William). She's had a crush on Will since they met but she doesn't want to get close to anyone because she can't go through the pain of losing someone again. Will knows everything about her except about her having an arranged marriage. Henry also knows about her past but she mainly talks to Will. Henry and Will are her best/only friends and will do anything for her. She's never kissed anyone and they both know that. She's never even had a boyfriend or gone on a date.

She's created a shell around her to keep her away from her emotions. She has learned after years of being rejecting by family after family that not feeling is better than feeling unloved and unwanted. After time she warmed up to Will, Henry, and her father. Her mother is like her best friend; they tell each other everything and trust each other.

-The Soman's

The family is from India and they have lived in the USA for 5 years. They are in their thirties and couldn't have kids of there own. They tried IVF (invetro-fertilization) but it didn't work. They are wealthy but down to earth, good people.

Their names are Narayan Soman (male) and Kanyakumari Soman (female) but they changed them when they moved to the US. Now there names are Nathan Soman and Kim Soman.


He's best friends with Henry and Grace. He likes Grace but understands she need's time to see that he isn't going anywhere, that he won't hurt her. Grace doesn't know how he feels. He's mature but likes to have fun and let loose every once and a while.

His family is poor so he sold himself to an arranged marriage company and gave the money to his family. It was the only way for them to keep the house. He has two little brothers and one little sister who live with there mother. His father died five years ago.

His mother put in a clause saying they were to pay for Will's college.

The beginning of the book starts with his 18th birthday and Grace, Henry and he are celebrating.

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